FFF: Runfessions/Shoefessions for July ’21

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

This month’s should actually be called Shoefessions.

that's totally true;) | Running humor, Running, Running workouts

1. I runfess…

I went to our local running store to buy more Gu.  The cashier asked me if I needed any running shoes.  It was hard to refuse but I said “No, because you don’t carry Topos.”

And he replied, “We just started to but they are not displayed yet.”

Well, you know the rest of the story…

Do you have a hard time resisting buying new running shoes in a store?

2. I runfess…

I have several types of Topos – actually 3 (FlyLyte, Ultrafly and Magnifly).  They are all wearing out at the same time because I alternate them.

I was tempted to buy another pair but I also wanted to try the two types that I don’t own – Phantom and Cyclone.

Do you buy the same shoe or do you like to try different ones?

3.I runfess…

So the salesperson brought me the Phantoms in grey and the Cyclones in sky blue.

I didn’t like either of the colors. In fact, the color choice for Topos are really lacking.

In the end, I asked them to order both in white (ok, at least it’s neutral and I do not have any white shoes.)

Does color matter to you when choosing a running shoe?

4. I runfess…

I usually only buy shoes online if I have run in them before.  I like to try them on in the store to see if they are comfortable and run in them.

However when I went to the shoe to pick up my shoes, I was pressed for time. So I just grabbed them and left.

Do you buy you shoes online or do you try them on in the store?

5.I runfess…

My plan was to run in both pairs and then decide which pair I liked, if any and return one or both.

Well, I liked both. The Phantoms are heavier and have more support so good for longer time on my feet. The Cyclones are light and airy so better for short runs and short races. So I kept them both.

My justification: Saved $$ on gas not going back to the store, had $25 & $5 coupons for the store and at work, if we participate in Virgin Pulse and get $100 each quarter (Mar, June, Sept, Dec).  IOW, that second pair was free!!

Do ever buy TWO pairs of running shoes at the same time?

Happy Running! Anything to runfess or shoefess this month? Please share.







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23 thoughts on “FFF: Runfessions/Shoefessions for July ’21

  1. Can you really ever have too many pairs of running shoes!? I will order in store or on line depending where I see the colors I like. Yes, I do order by color as well. I am currently sticking to my Brooks Glycerins they seem to work the best for me right now. Happy running

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL, on saving gas money from not making a return. Yes, I’ve bought two pairs if the store was having a sale. I do like to pick a color of shoes I like, but I’d like those blue ones!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love my Brooks Adrenanlines! In fact, I had a brand new pair that I only wore for one run before I broke my leg. I hate to admit it, but yes, color does matter to me. Some of the choices that are usually on sale are hideous. i just can’t…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I sometimes buy shoes I haven’t run in. I read the reviews carefully. I don’t really need stability, although I have run in stability shoes, too. I don’t think I’ve ever had to actually return a pair.

    I like blue! I also have plenty of blue running clothes. But the truth is it’s much more about the shoe than the color for me, and I often get colors I’m not really fond of.


    • I like to match my shoes to my outfit so sometimes I just pick ugly white or black. But as you said fit is more important. I want to make sure if I run in low drop shoes, I don’t buy higher drop shoes…or there will a possible injury. And lighter shoes for short distance and more supportive and heavier for longer.

      I have returned many pairs. I’m picky about my feet.

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  5. I’ll often buy shoes online that I’ve never tried before. I read the specifications very carefully, down to the heel drop and everything in between. Since I started doing that it’s worked out. The colors don’t matter so much to me.

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  6. I LOVE your running shoe logic 😉 Only once have I ever bought a different model online without first trying it, and that was after a Brooks rep recommended the Ravenna’s to me at an expo (they’re similar to the Adrenalines, which I’ve worn for many years, but are lighter). While I’m all about color, I have been know to swap out the laces for something brighter or prettier, or Sharpie’d up the soles to give them some funky personality 😉

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  7. Well, now I want to go shoe shopping! Sometimes I’ll initially groan at the color selection when I’m getting new shoes, but in the end I don’t really care what they look like. I don’t think I’ve ever bought two pairs at the same time, but I want to!

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  8. I think at one point I did have too many shoes. I returned a few and do not regret it. Well, the only pair I do regret at the Ghost commemorating the NYC Marathon. Those were pretty. Now I don’t have any new pairs but plan to buy a pair or two next year. Right now I am sticking to the Launch and the Ghost and yes color is important! 🙂

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