TT: Running Solo

The topic for today is: Benefits of Running Solo

Although my preference is running with a group, it is not always possible. 

There are some benefits to running alone too:

  • You choose your pace.

You can run slow or push the pace.  You can walk when you feel like it or just stop and take photographs. No pressure.

leisurely run in Washington Park

  • You can be flexible with regard to time and distance.

You can wait for the rain to stop or change your mind and run in the evening rather than the morning, You can cut short your run or if you feel like it, you can extend it.

too hot for 3 miles


3 mile planned run but too pretty to stop

  • You choose the location.

You can leave for a run right from your house or from your workplace.  No driving to a scheduled location is necessary.

just running in the ‘hood

at Ualbany which is near where I work

  • You can be spontaneous.

You can decide to go for a run on a new route


or do speed drills at a track.

  • You can listen to music or a podcast or do a Peleton workout.

Just put on your headphones and zone out to your favorite tunes or podcaster or Peleton instructor.

I use AfterShokz wireless headphones now!

  • You can just be alone with your thoughts.

or just plan your day or figure out a solution to a problem or maybe just appreciate nature

running on the rail trail


during a scenic run in Schroon Lake

Happy Running! Do you often run solo? If so, what benefit(s) does it offer you as a runner?  Please share.  


Since today is Tuesday, I’m linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner).

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24 thoughts on “TT: Running Solo

  1. I haven’t run solo for a while! Like you, Darlene, I prefer to run in a group. Or at least drag my husband with me, like this morning. 🙂
    But there were times when I had a lot of stress at work and I enjoyed my solo lunch runs. It gave me some headspace and was a great stress relief. I came back to my desk after those runs and felt rejuvenated!

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    • Everyone deals with feelings differently. That’s good that running is there for you at difficult times.

      I guess my running is more an escape from reality and to get away from the stresses of work and family.

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  2. Agree with all your reasons, especially being alone with your thoughts. When I do run with a group I don’t like to talk that much (so I can focus on my breathing), so i always enjoy running alone – I do some of my best thinking and planning on solo runs.

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  3. I prefer to keep variety in my runs, so I do about half solo & half with Barb or a group. Sometimes the hubby tags along LOL It is nice being on your own, though, because you definitely can make the run anything you want it to be without planning ahead.


    • I agree. Sometimes it is better to run alone and it is nice if you do have another option. Running with someone else does add variety as you said.


  4. I love running solo for alot of these reasons! Its nice to start my run as soon as I am ready. I also dont like to plan out my exact route- I just go in whatever direction I feel like at the moment.

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  5. Like you, I prefer to run with a friend or 2. But I have come to appreciate running solo for some of these exact reasons. Thanks for linkup up

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  6. It’s been so long since I’ve run with other people (occasionally these days with my husband, but even that is rare.) i’m so used to running alone now- I mostly listen to podcasts. I would probably enjoy a group run once in a while if I tried it though!

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    • I bet you would enjoy it. They are often hard to arrange. I am lucky that the group runs in the summer are already arranged and i just have to join them.

      But there are times when it is easier to run alone. You are so lucky that your hubby can be your running partner.


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