FFF: Returning to Racing

There was a LONG drought in racing due to COVID-19.

Some runners resorted to virtual racing. We know it was not the same but it helped with our mojo.

Virtual 5k with Cari, Kim and Deb

Others started back early when there were still restrictions.

Many waited until they got vaccinated.

Others still have have reservations about racing again.

I ran two in-person races in November and December of 2020.

and 8 more so far in 2021 (and a 5k this Sunday!)

I was never nervous about in-person racing and trusted that all the precautions in place would keep runners safe.  But it is definitely more enjoyable now that restrictions have mostly been lifted. (Still I can’t wait until things are totally back to normal!!)

Here are some of my tips for getting back into racing:

1. Start by running with others.

For so long you were probably running alone. The first step is to reach out to friends and plan some group runs.

2. Do some consistent mileage during the week and a long run on the weekend.

Without any races on your schedule, you may have skipped some of your runs.  Go out and run at least twice a week.

Add in a long run on Saturday or Sunday but it doesn’t even have to be very long.  It should just be longer than your weekday run.

3. Talk your friends into joining you. FOMO is real.

Not all my friends are excited about racing. But I am lucky to have a few that I talk into my insanity.

4. Buy something new.

A new outfit or new shoes will perk up your racing mojo.

new shoes = PR?

5. Do Your Research and Pick a Race that you are comfortable with. And SIGN UP!!

Some races still offer COVID-19 precautions. Some more than others.

Everyone that I know who has returned to racing has not regretted it!!!!

so many smiling faces at this race!!

Happy Running! Have you returned to racing? If so, what tips do you have?  Please share.







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17 thoughts on “FFF: Returning to Racing

  1. I cannot believe it’s been 18 months since my last race!! We still only have slim pickings around here until fall. My first real race is a 10m in September counting the weeks. Always more fun w friends and of course, something new is always motivating

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  2. Knowing how much you love your group runs and races, I can’t imagine how you got through Covid! So glad races are back.
    i finally signed up for a 5k and then promptly hurt my hip (that was supposed to be July 4th, SIGH!). Summer isn’t a great time for racing in Florida anyway- I console myself that I’ll be back to racing in the fall.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I used to run a 5k in Fla in May…it was brutal.

      Injuries suck but at least you have a pool.

      And yes not racing was tough…glad it’s coming back.


  3. Staying consistent during the week with that weekend long run is so important! I can’t wait to get back to racing. But the marathon I’ve signed up for (the only race advertised at the moment) seems to still be on track for 2nd October. So crossing all fingers and toes it remains that way!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Obviously I have not. My schedule will probably continue to be fluid, and I really don’t want to throw away more money like we did on the vacation that wasn’t. Right now I’ll be really happy if our ME vacation happens.


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