FFF: Social Networking for Runners

Social Media For Runners: 5 Ways Social Networking Can Help You As An Ultrarunner | The Run Bike Swim Guide

Social Networking.

It is so time-consuming, how does a runner keep up?

So here’s my two sense:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


    • Positives
      • A great way to make connections.
      • Commenting allows for feedback.
      • Link-ups exists to help attract traffic.
      • An alternative to a Running Journal or Log.
      • Share your race reviews and read others’.
    • Negatives
      • Time consuming.
      • So many running blogs already exist.
      • Repetitive Content.
      • Non-experts posting expert advice.
    • Me
      • I try to post a few times a week. But lately, my time has limited me to only link-ups.
      • I try to read those in the link-ups but not all and though I read them, I do not always comment on all those I read.
      • I read and comment from my phone which has its limitations.

Photo by Omkar Patyane on Pexels.com


    • Positives
      • It’s quick and easy.
      • It’s happy for the most part: running selfies, scenery, etc.
      • Quick and easy to add up to 10 photos and hashtag as desired.
      • Can link to your blog, FB, Twitter.
    • Negatives
      • Long posts and a zillion hashtags.
    • Me
      • My favorite.
      • I post many of my pics here and a smaller selection on FB and even fewer on the blog.
      • I may “like” a lot of the posts but do not comment often.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


    • Positives
      • A great way to stay up-to-date with those you do not see in person.
      • Can use for your personal profile as well as your blog.
      • Can be part of groups.
      • Tagging for sharing photos and posts.
      • Find out about events and products.
    • Negatives
      • Too many posts with annoying memes and political views.
      • So many posts that you can easily miss those that are important.
      • Annoying Ads.
    • Me
      • For my blog, I only link the posts to FB.
      • For my personal profile, I post selected photos for those friends I do not see in person.
      • My running friends and I have a group where we organize our weekly runs and race-cations.
      • I also belong to other groups that interest me i.e. hiking, waterfalls, etc.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com


    • Positives
      • Short and sweet.
    • Negatives
      • Limited to a small number of characters.
      • Over used (how many times a day do some people have to tweet?)
    • Me
      • I rarely go to Twitter unless directed to.
      • I only link my blog posts to my account. Otherwise I rarely post here.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com


    • Positives
      • Can track your mileage and pace.
      • Can connect with and follow other runners.
      • Syncs to your devices such as Garmin.
      • Lots of challenges.
    • Negatives
      • Another account!
      • Have to connect your tracking device to it or upload the content.
    • Me
      • I rarely go to Strava unless I have to…ie a virtual race or challenge.
      • However, when I do use my GARMIN (races only), it syncs here.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

No matter which one or ones you use, here’s some advice on how to deal:

    • Be prepared for negative people.

Either ignore them or unfriend/follow them.

    • Find the right balance.

Do not spend so much time on social media and neglect others things that may be more important.

    • Know when to take a break.

Sometimes, you just have to shut it down for a few days or even weeks.

Happy Running! Which social media do you use? Which one is your favorite? Please share.


20 thoughts on “FFF: Social Networking for Runners

  1. IG is my favorite right now and where I have made a bunch of connections. It is time consuming to read blogs but a great way to stay connected to the running community and keep up with friends I have made. Happy Friday

    Liked by 1 person

    • So nice to see all the IG photos of your recent west coast hiking trip.

      IG is my favorite too. Fast and easy.

      Agree about staying connected by reading and writing blog posts. I don’t have nearly enough time to do it justice. I just do my best.


  2. Ugh! I’ve been neglecting my instagram horribly. One of my goals is to get back into it. I know people post a lot on IG that they don’t put on their blogs, so I’m missing out on a lot. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like IG because I can upload 10 pics at a time and not have to write anything coherent. lol

      Blogging and FB take more time and thought.

      I’m not sure I follow you on IG??

      Now I do!!


  3. Instagram is my favorite – I like stories for sharing a bunch of stuff and I look at friend’s stories to see the behind the scenes. I also like Facebook for birthdays and some groups. I post on my blog regularly and interact with people in the comments. I don’t share my runs on Strava and I tend to get into the comparison trap if I look at other people’s Strava (or detailed splits on other social)

    Liked by 1 person

    • agree with you totally. I don’t share my runs with anyone. Just race recaps.

      Stories are fun though I don’t do t hem I enjoy looking at them.

      And yes without FB I may forget my friends’ b-days and important events in their life. I do not like reading about everything they do ie I went for a walk, etc.


  4. Obviously in general I’m not super big on social media. I agree, I feel often my time is better spent elsewhere. Stopped posting to IG last year & don’t really miss it. I am on several groups on FB that I get a lot out of.

    I do have Strava and Twitter, but pretty much the same as you I almost never look at them.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have Twitter, and I post on there usually daily, but I seldom take the time (like I have time anyways LOL) to scroll and interact on it. Totally my least favorite of everything. Yeah, the negative trolls are SO annoying and they’re everywhere, just looking to pick a fight with someone….

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t checked Twitter in ages so obviously I don’t read your tweets.

      The negativity in the comments is one time I hate about FB esp related to the election and COVID. I just post nice photos and wish people happy birthday.


  6. I like IG the best although I think blogging has helped to make deeper connections. I get so annoyed by FB and rarely go on there anymore. I have some blog stuff that posts there automatically but otherwise I don’t really use it.

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    • My blog posts go dirctly to my blog FB page but I doubt many people read them form there. Yup IG is the best. However, I’ve made some great connections from blogging and it also keeps my running on track.


  7. I guess I am missing out on IG. It doesn’t display correctly on my iPad — it won’t change direction — and it sucks the batter off my phone — especially with all the videos. You didn’t mention Tick Tok! (I don’t even have an account ….)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol. I know. I don’t use tik Tok. I guess it’s the rage.

      I look at and use IG on my phone. You do post often there. I love your Scooby pix.


  8. I love this! I am not a fan of Twitter. I guess I don’t understand how to really use it? I don’t use Strava since I just use Garmin. I don’t see the point of it since I get the same data from Garmin. I do like Instagram and Facebook but lately I rarely post or comment of other’s posts. I do click to like them!

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