Weekly Run Down for 5.10.21-5.16.21: Just Going With the Flow

After an exciting two weeks of vacationing, celebrating and racing, this week was kinda dull.

Some weeks are like that.

But there was some running, walking, biking and hiking. I was selected as a Zensah Ambassador.

So life is good.

Last Week:

  • Monday – A rainy dreary day. I had a dentist appointment in the morning and was hoping that I could squeeze in a run between raindrops before going back to work.

  • Tuesday – A very busy work day so a rest from running but a long walk after work with friends.
  • Wednesday – Today SOAR group runs resumed. Women gather every two weeks at 6 pm to run and socialize.  The first meeting was at UAlbany.  The time of the run doesn’t excite me since I only work until 4 pm but it gives me the opportunity to run with others and meet new runners.

There were at least 20 women who showed up. I ran intervals with my running friend Deirdre and spent lots of time chatting with old friends (Lara) and co-workers (Colleen).

  • Thursday – I decided today that my lunch run would include some speedwork. So I drove so I could run some 200s on the HS track.

It was in the 30s when I got up. I never checked the weather before I left to run…. sunny & mid-60s!! Skirt & tank weather!! I did do 200m sprint, 200m jog 4X on the track.

After work, I again met friends to walk on the rail trail.

a veteran running to support an important cause

  • Friday – Another rest day. I decided to take the bike out during my lunch break. I didn’t ride far or long (need to get those muscles back in shape.)

of course I matched my outfit to my ride. She is now named “Big Red.”

And hit the trails after work on this beautiful day.

noting exciting but very peaceful

  • Saturday – Long Run Saturday. I got to see the Florida runners for the first time in eons. We started on the rail trail at different times to run different distances.  Of course, we all gathered after for brunch.

I ran the 10 miles with Sherry… the highlight was seeing two eagles up in a tree. Afterward we met the 5 others for a delicious brunch.

The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping, laundry, weeding and TAXES.

  • Sunday – Started out this gorgeous day with a waterfall hike.

I had already visited this trail in the winter but wanted to get here before the rain. It was so peaceful – didn’t see a soul.

Afterward, I completed another nearby but much shorter waterfall hike.

I spent a lot time here watching the crazy college students who climbed down into the gorge and up the cliff of the waterfall to dive in..brrr!

The rest of day was spent outdoors, weeding (X training, right?) Depending on if and when we get thunderstorms, I may go on another nearby hike or bike ride.

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Monday –  run at lunch, belated birthday dinner out with BFF
  • Tuesday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Wednesday –run after work
  • Thursday – run at lunch, walk with friends
  • Friday – rest day
  • Saturday – Bacon Hill Bonanza 5k + 7 miles
  • Sunday – rest day, hike or boating

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – Prospect Mountain Road Race Recap
  • Friday – Tips for Hiking Alone

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any in-person races planned? Any vacations planned? Please share.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 5.10.21-5.16.21: Just Going With the Flow

  1. Welcome to Big Red 😉 Since I did so much indoor biking over the winter, the road biking hasn’t been much of a transition…except for those hills on the bike path. No amount of indoor anything can prepare one for those LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s always so hard to come back from vacation, especially once you get back into the swings of things. Awesome job on your 10 miler!

    Congrats on being selected as a Zensah Ambassador!


  3. Long run + brunch = my kind of Saturday! Glad you could see your friends. So neat that you have a track to do some speedwork! I love doing workouts on a track, but it’s hard to find one around here that is accessible to the public.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It may have been a normal week for you, but scenery is not dull! Congrats on being a Zensah ambassador. They were the first compression sock brand I tried, and I still have some!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have a few procompression but I like their sleeves better. I always try for scenery when the weather is nice. Right now it is perfect.


    • The weather has been great lately. I need to get my bike on the bike path. Much more scenic. But that means getting the bike rack out and in the car.


  5. Congratulations on being a Zensah ambassador. Sounds and looks like a nice week to me. I love the waterfall/nature pictures. Such a pretty peaceful place.

    Only in person race I have scheduled is the AF HM in September. It’ll be my first HM. Both excited and scared about it.

    I didn’t run at all last week due to residual effects of the stomach flu. I ran yesterday and struggled a bit. Just went for a walk today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

    Liked by 1 person

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