Five Runfessions for April ’21

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

1. I runfess…

Last month I did a big de-clutter of my Skirt Sports skirts.  (I got the idea from Deborah.) I sold 12 skirts on FB in 5 minutes!!  They were all old ones that did not fit right. (And I priced them cheaply.)   But still I had a hard time letting go….

I love the older patterns and I remember races that I ran in them

Do you get rid of running clothes frequently?  Do you donate them or sell them?

2. I runfess…

So of course, I was now tempted to take advantage of other runners’ Skirt Sports sales.  However, I quit looking after buying two items.

Nope, I bought two more…

Do you buy used running clothes online or do you always buy new?

3.I runfess…

Since I cancelled my Peleton membership, I’ve lost my indoor cycling mojo. Maybe there’s no connection. It could be just that the weather is improving or my bike is no longer a novelty.

lonely George

Anyone ride their stationary bike consistently?

4. I runfess…

Speaking of biking, I did take my bike out of the basement. It is now in my garage.  I have ridden it once. I find it boring and it’s a pain to put the bike rack on and off my car to I can ride on the bike paths.  Maybe I need to name my bike so I do not neglect it.

last year’s pic…I now even own a helmet

How often do you bike?

5.I runfess…

I am currently in Naples, Florida. I forgot how hot and humid it is even early in the morning. Usually I have a race on Sunday which motivates me to get out and run. Not this year and it is very tempting to sleep in and then just play tennis (that’s X-training, right?)

wearing my running shoes!?

Do you run everyday while on vacation?

Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.







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33 thoughts on “Five Runfessions for April ’21

  1. I’m still kicking myself for donating all of my original SS skirts. Sure I hadn’t worn them in years but I could’ve at least sold them. I do have a whole bunch of Running Skirts brand (are they even around anymore??) skirts I need to do away with. Now you’ve given me the idea to sell. Have fun!

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  2. I have bought a few used running items from consignment stores, but I don’t do much online shopping in general…I honestly don’t think to even look for used running gear online. I’m probably missing out on some good deals. I have not been on the indoor bike much recently, due to the outdoor weather being better for outdoor riding. Yes, by all means, give that bike a name 😉 Gustavas and I tackled part of the hilly bike path this week…ugh! It was tough, much harder than an indoor ride, so I’m glad I kept up my cycling (indoors) through the winter or I may have had to dismount and do the walk of shame on some of those hills.

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    • I don’t look for used stuff either. I just happened to sell from this site.

      I think I need to get outside on the bike. I’ve lost interest in the indoor ones.


  3. I would love to find some of the Skirt Sports shorts with pockets — let me know if you see any! I have to force myself to get on my bike these days. I’d rather be running — or even doing more strength training ….

    Have fun in FL!

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  4. I need to sell/giveaway some running gear. I have many things purchased on sale with tags that I don’t use/need. I never got into the skirts though!

    I rode my bike once last season. I have to have my husband tune it up so I do better this season!

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  5. I’ve bought 1-2 things online from Poshmark. Otherwise, I will generally only buy online when I am 100% sure something will fit.
    I also have a neglected stationary bike. I only ride when the weather does not permit going outside….but even then I will still find something different (today it was raining so I did yoga and weights).

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  6. I listed a bunch of my INB last year on EBay. The final item just sold a few months ago! I haven’t had the urge to buy much. I have so many running clothes!

    Have so much fun in Naples!


  7. I donated a bunch of stuff, including running shoes, a few weeks (months?) ago. Hope you have fun in Florida! I usually run a few times on vacation, but not necessarily every day.

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  8. I hope you’re enjoying your vacation! I’ve never tried to sell my workout clothing but maybe I should consider buying used the next time I need something!

    I know what you mean about biking…it’s a little too logistically complicated for me to get into! I am thinking about getting an indoor bike though, but not a Peloton since they’re so pricey!

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  9. Oh Darlene, I runfess that I have no interest in biking whatsoever. When I first started working out I used the stationary bike b/c I could never find a free treadmill at the gym. Early in 2020 all of the treadmills at my office gym were in use so I got on the bike for the first time in (yikes) over 20 years and got off it one minute later.

    I’ve had really good luck buying used workout clothes at ThredUp.


  10. When Bill retired, we got a new bike rack for our car, thinking we would bike on nearby rail trails. I runfess, we have done very little biking in the last 2 years. There are so many other things to do! I would not bike on the roads – too much traffic and distracted drivers are scary.

    Have a great time in Naples!

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  11. I think it’s funny that you de-cluttered your supply of SS skirts, but then bought four more. Well, you still ended up with fewer than you started with!
    I’ve been avoiding bicycles of any kind for quite a while now. I’ve been perfectly happy with that, but am contemplating getting my hybrid (not my road bike) out for some trail riding. We’ll see.
    Tennis is totally cross training! Enjoy your time in Florida!

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  12. I have a few Brooks skirts that I used to wear years ago. Now I’d rather wear shorts. There is a Oiselle gear swap group on Facebook where I’ve bought and sold a few items I do not wear anymore. I don’t have a real bike but I have a Peloton. 🙂

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  13. I hope you have the best time in Florida.

    I hold on to my running clothes FOREVER. If it fits and I think it’s cute, I can’t let go.

    I am not a bike person. I do love spin, but I’m not getting a bike at home and our local spin class isn’t at a great time for my schedule.

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