FFF: Recovering from the COVID Vaccine

Many of you most likely have not gotten both your vaccine(s) yet.  But I hope at some point, you all do.

My advice is only based on personal experience. I AM NOT A DOCTOR nor do I have any medical background.

So that’s my topic for today: Five Things to Do After You Get Your COVID Vaccine

1.Exercise your Arm.

BBG Arm Workout For Beginners

Soreness at the injection site is the most common side effect of the vaccine.  (BTW: I did think that my arm was more sore after the Shingles Vaccine.)

I found that when I exercised my left arm by lifting a weight throughout the day, the pain disappeared. It worked for me.  Just try it.

I have also heard, for the same reason, to get the shot in your dominant arm.

2. Hydrate.

How To Be Naturally Beautiful from the Inside Out! | Living Disrobed

You may feel feverish or have a headache.  I am someone who rarely drinks water.  I made sure that I drank a lot of water.  I think it helped. I felt fine.

3.  Move.

Women Enjoying A Relaxing Winter Walk Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock

It is common to feel tired, achy or under the weather.  You may be tempted to stay in bed and just rest.  But you should not.  I don’t mean run 10 miles but go for a walk, take a bike ride, or go for an easy run.  I did force myself to go for a walk. I felt much better after the walk than before. I then went for a slow run the next day.

I even ran a half marathon a few days after my 2nd shot.

4.  Think Positively.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Had No Side Effects After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine | PEOPLE.com

Mind over matter, right?  Don’t worry or stress about the side effects. The side effects (that I have mentioned) are usually mild and subside after a few days. They show that the vaccine is working, because the vaccine stimulates the immune system as the body forms antibodies against the virus.

No matter how awful you may feel, it’s better than getting COVID or worse giving it to someone else.

5. If your side effects are severe or last more than a few days, contact your doctor.

Extreme side effects are supposedly rare but everyone reacts differently.  Do not take ibuprofen or acetaminophen, unless advised by your doctor.

Happy Running! Have you had the vaccine? If you did, did you have a reaction? Would you have done anything differently? Any other advice. Please share.

I would have gotten the vaccine in my dominant arm. I would have worried less before the vaccine about a reaction (or at least talked about it less lol).


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31 thoughts on “FFF: Recovering from the COVID Vaccine

  1. It’s interesting, there’s actually two immune responses: one to the initial shot (that arm soreness) and one a couple of weeks later as you immune system forms those antibodies. At least that’s my understanding & of course I’m not a doctor either.

    Totally agree that if the side effects are mild movement is important.

    I suspect I will get worse side effects with my second shot. I got more than normal annoying side effects with the first one! But only time will tell.

    I’ve heard a lot of people say that if you do get more side effects, it actually means you have a stronger immune system, which is why younger people tend to get worse side effects. I’ve tried to research it but haven’t really come up with any conclusions on whether or not that’s true yet.

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    • It’s so individual. So many theories. My younger female friend got moderna and no effects. My older friend got Pfizer and got very sick.

      I’m glad I didn’t since I had to run a half marathon after the 2nd. Sometimes it’s mind over matter. My hubby had to remind me since I was so busy with work and packing that I forgot. Of course sometimes the effects are real.

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      • If you have a fever, like I did, you’d feel it. I know some people can be very active with a fever, although they probably shouldn’t, but I can’t.

        If it’s true about reaction & immune system, age wouldn’t matter so much, although it’s also true that usually our immune system gets weaker as we age. But nope, no one really seems to know.

        I’m assuming I’ll want to have some inactive days after my second but willing to be pleasantly surprised.


  2. I did the shot in my nondominant arm coincidentally. I did not give it much thought beforehand. I was determined all would be fine. I’ve never had any sort of reaction before so I did not expect one this time. All was good for me both times! Well worth it!

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    • Good news and you are young than me.

      I felt the same. I was so glad to get it that I didn’t feel anything but happiness. lol


  3. I got it in my dominant arm and lifted weights the next day and I think that helped with soreness. I’ve heard about such a range of reactions. Some of my coworkers were in bed with a fever the next day. I was glad I didn’t have any side effects but either way its worth it.

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    • hooray…glad to hear that you didn’t have any side effects either. And you’re still young! And you are right…sooo worth it!


  4. I just had a sore arm after the first one from Moderna but I felt nauseous, achy, and exhausted for about 7 hours after the second dose. It was funny because I didn’t have a choice in which arm, as it was a drive-by, and of course had my left arm exposed. She just wiped my shoulder and jabbed the needle in, so quick it was over before I even knew what had happened.

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    • Glad to hear that you had no reaction from first moderna and a short one after the second. I never thought about a drive by. Great idea though.


  5. I’m getting my 2nd shot on Monday. I’m going to be very diligent about moving my arm this time to see if I can prevent the ache. I had noticeable fatigue and brain fog from the first shot so I’m preparing for worse symptoms the 2nd time around. I’ll gladly take all of the side effects for doing my part to get herd immunity.

    Hmmm…if movement and exercise makes a difference then it makes so much sense to get it in your dominant arm. Since I got my first shot in my non-dominant I’m going to do the same on Monday BUT this fall when I get my flu shot I’ll try my dominant arm.

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  6. We have had our 1st shot and will get our 2nd one soon. I did Body Pump the day after my first one. I think you are right – it helped me to move my arm. I didn’t go crazy at the class (I take a virtual class at the rec center and I am the only one in the room), but movement helped take the soreness away. A little soreness was the only side effect. I hope the 2nd shot is not too bad.

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  7. A timely post! I had some issues after my first shot. I was okay for a couple days but then got “Covid arm” – red, swollen and itchy, which lasted several days- and also didn’t feel well in general, and had aches and pains throughout my body, AND my plantar fasciitis flared up again! It was so weird and unexpected. Anyway, everything has calmed down now and my second shot is April 27th. Good advice to get the shot in your dominant arm- I’m going to do that next time.

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  8. I’ve heard the hydration part a lot. I chose my non-dominant arm because I sleep on my right side, but I ended up not having any soreness at all (day after my shot was arm day with weights, so that may have played a role as well.) I expect the second shot may be a different experience. When my husband had his second shot, his only response was weird dreams…

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  9. I had the first dose. I hate water as well, but drank a ton before and after the vaccine. I also rubbed the injection site for about an hour. My mom recommended this to keep a knot from forming. I was mildly sore, but nothing crazy. The next day I had a light bout of nausea, which cleared up after I ate a little something. I also took Tylenol when I got home from the appointment. I plan to repeat this process for round 2.

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  10. Funny, I was specifically told to get it in my non-dominant arm and to take tylenol before bed. I would definitely move the arm around more in hindsight as I think that does help with the stiffness. Like you, super minor side effects, and I can’t even pin the sleepiness on the vaccine as my allergies have also been a mess.
    I drink so much water that when I’m not around my usual I get such dry mouth. I now have a water bottle at mom & Bob’s too

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