TT: Five Words to Describe Myself

The Tuesday Topic this week is: Five Words to Describe Yourself

This might be the hardest post ever to write. It is hard to be objective about oneself. Do I pick good traits? Or maybe those where I need to improve?

Well, here are the first five words that came to mind:


I think that this is the most important quality to have to be a good friend.   I hope that all my friends think that I am.  Thanks to social networking, I have remained in contact with close friends from high school, college, and all of my jobs, in addition to, those whom I see frequently in-person.

some of the friends that I met playing tennis


I call it Disciplined, others may call it ‘stubborn” or “crazy.” I usually run or walk outside pretty much no matter what.  In the cold, when I don’t feel well or may be injured and when conditions are not optimal, I “Just Do It.” I have to say that I am “Disciplined” about fitness-activities that I enjoy (walking, running, hiking, tennis,) not about all other activities (such as yoga, strength training, biking, etc.)

even in the cold and with a calf injury back in March 2019.


The hardest part about the Pandemic for me was sitting still and being stuck indoors.  Pacing in my house is not an ideal way for me to get in steps.  Rest Days for me are days when I can bike, walk or hike instead of run.

 a day off = a drive to VT to hike alone


As a child, I was very shy.  I hated to speak in front of class. I still do. I became a teacher and learned to become somewhat comfortable in front of students. I still dreaded those observations. Still do. Yes, I am social and have lots of friends but prefer to interact in a small group. You will never see me recording myself and posting the video for all to see. Never.

 Westchester (October 2019) This is probably why I am so comfortable travelling and hiking by myself


I am not sure if this quality is positive or negative.  Positive – I don’t miss out on things by over thinking and hesitating. I just sign up or just go. Negative – somethings that I have done were not good choices or planned out well.

A NYC train trip (and hotel stay) in order to run a 5k during the Pandemic?

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Happy Running! What are some words that you would use to describe YOURSELF? If you know me, do you agree or disagree with any of the words that I have chosen?  Please share.


32 thoughts on “TT: Five Words to Describe Myself

  1. I would say active is an understatement! And I think all of us are motivated to do the things we enjoy, not so much the things we don’t but need to get done — just as I wrote about.

    Things like videoing myself — that was — still is — hard. But it’s also something I’m passionate about sharing. Same thing with becoming a WW leader all those years ago. Sometimes you have to do things that scare you — for the right reason. Like you did with your marathon.


    • Except that a marathon fit in with my personality.

      Those who knew me as a child would be surprised if I ever became an actress. Not in my personality.

      I do agree that taking risks helps you grow…like hiking alone.

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  2. Loyal friends are so precious! That’s a wonderful trait to have.

    I wouldn’t have characterized you as an introvert! It’s interesting to see how many running bloggers are introverts.

    One word I would have added for you is “adventurous”. You’re forever exploring something new – new hikes, new trails, new workouts. It goes hand in hand with your active and spontaneous personality!

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  3. Loyalty was one of the words I considered for my post, too. I’ve been betrayed by a few peeps in my time, and I’ve always been willing to forgive those who genuinely deserved a second chance. That said, it was tough to narrow it down to just five words. I thought it was a great blog topic, though, and a great exercise in self-assessment.


    • I thought the same. But “introverted” comes across in different ways with different people.

      And yes, sometimes I am TOO spontaneous. And I admire those who think everything through thoroughly. Not me!


  4. Yep, “introverted” here as well! People don’t understand that someone can be friendly and outgoing, yet still an introvert- it’s not the same thing as “shy.”
    I like “disciplined” or is it “stubborn” or “crazy?” Ha, it can be a fine line for us runners!

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  5. Loyalty is something I really value in friends and discipline is something I value from others in a work setting. I’m very disciplined and I find when others are not, it really gets to me! Working from home the last year has shown me there are people in my office who just lack the discipline to do it effectively. Sorry, this wasn’t meant to be a rant!

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  6. I hear you on introverted. My mom would tell me that I would actually throw up before the first day of school because I knew that I would have to stand up and introduce myself to the class. I’m still shy but I’m pretty good at faking it.

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