Weekly Run Down for 1.11.21-1.17.21: Counting Down

Counting down until my THREE day weekend.

Counting down until Biden is sworn in as President.

Counting down until I get my COVID vaccines. (I became eligible this week and after a zillion failed attempts, I got an appt.)

Counting down until I can run an in-person race.

Some years, it’s hard to enjoy the present and you have to look ahead to better times.

That being said, so far, this year I have kept up my fitness goals – running easy, running long, walking, hiking, indoor biking (two activities each day.)

Last Week –

  • Monday – Another cold gray morning. Postponed going outside until lunchtime.  The sun never came out but it was at least a little warmer. I decided to try something new for my run. I drove to the park n ride, ran a mile to the high school, ran a mile around the track and then back to my car.  A really nice diversion. The track was empty, clear of ice/snow and easy on the feet. Maybe next time, I’ll even do some speed work.

It was only in the high 20s and I was cold for awhile but in the end, it was the right choice of clothing.

With a few more minutes each day of light, I was able to explore a local trail after work.

Van Dyke Preserve at dusk

  • Tuesday –  Before work I rode George since it was a rest day.

I decided to try and focus on one nugget said by each trainer (makes the chatter more meaningful) – today was (don’t quote me) -“The way you see yourself impacts what you can do.”

During my lunch break, I went for a short walk. Just out my back door and onto the waterline.

another very dreary cloudy day…at least there was no wind so it felt warmer than yesterday (even walking).

After work, I got in my 2nd daily (and longer) walk with a friend around our outdoor mall.

we always pass this giant Christmas ornament and I finally took a selfie in it.

I spent most of the evening trying to make an appt for my COVID-19 vaccine.  At the current time, it was only offered through April 16 at UAlbany and all the appts were filled or the website kept crashing….grrr!!!

  • Wednesday – After a sleepless and frustrated night, I decided to get out earlier for my walk today.

saw the sunrise but still had to be at my desk by 8 am so a short walk in the ‘hood..

And back to running. I had more time so I drove to do my lunch run. I wish I time for a more scenic location but they are either icy or too far.  I settled for the roads near the rail trail as I did last week.

still cloudy but a little warmer and dry so can’t complain

After work, I got in a second but longer walk with my BFF. But the good news is that I decided to check out the vaccine appts one more time (after checking them ALL day) and miraculously, I found an open slot for Jan. 19!! Super ecstatic.

still holiday decorations at the mall…like the reflection of the outdoor tree indoors

  • Thursday –I debated whether to take a rest day or run. It always depends on which day of the weekend my long run is and that depends on the weather.  I decided to walk at lunch and drive to the trails in our town park. I was wondering if they we would be icy.  Yes in most places!!

I only did one loop. Next time, I’ll wear my Yaks and do the other.

and then went for a run after work at UAlbany before my walk.

finally the paths were clear here and that tent in the top left is where the COVID vaccines will be given.

I met with friends again for a long walk after work (my 3rd night in a row at the same locale.)

decorations will soon be taken down here so I’m enjoying/sharing them.

  • Friday – With Saturday’s weather looking iffy and today being dry, my rest day turned in a run day. Rain was forecast for the afternoon so I needed to get out at lunch (or before work but that rarely happens.). To save time, I ran in the neighborhood. And I think I saw a glimmer of sun through my window in the morning but by the time I got out to run, it was gray and gloomy. I didn’t do a Peleton run because it used up all my data last month.  Instead, I listened to a podcast (that I had already downloaded.)

the poor snowman on the top lost his nose since yesterday

The rain held off until evening so there was time for a quick hike before dinner. And then my walking companion called me and insisted that we do another outdoor mall walk.  (I may have created a monster lol).

  • SaturdayLong Run Saturday postponed due to rain/snow. Instead, I started the day with a virtual bike ride (via ZOOM) with some other bloggers.  So fun.

40 min ride. my longest so far. went by so quickly when you are chatting

After housework and errands, I realized that I hadn’t taken my daily walk. It had stopped raining so I decided to seek out another waterfall trails.  I though that I might encounter ice and snow. Nope. Two miles of MUD!!! Still worth it.

It was also our Anniversary (22 years) so I wanted to do something special.  A hard decision since it is the Pandemic and the weather was lousy.  We I decided on outdoor dining… in an heated private igloo on Lake George. Unfortunately, the igloos were all booked but we have reservations for NEXT Saturday.

The Bolton Barrel

doesn’t that look cool?

So instead, take-out at home. And actually, if I run next Saturday am instead of on Sunday am, it will work out better to celebrate (with drinks) on a Saturday night. (Fingers crossed for good running weather next Sat. am.)

  • Sunday – Re-Scheduled Long Run Day. After four weeks running at the Crossings, I wanted to vary the location to the Nisky Bike Path. Rumors had it that the path was clear, at least in one direction but yesterday’s weather might have changed that so back again to The Crossing it was. I was so lucky to have Karen for a few miles, then Chris and Sherry.  It was harder than normal. I rewarded myself with a shopping spee at Trader Joe’s

still cloudy and windy but no ice. My FEET hurt more than normal , though. ugh!

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  DAY OFF -bike, walk/hike
  • Tuesday – run, walk, COVID-19 vaccine
  • Wednesday –  rest day, walk, Sole Sisters ZOOM
  • Thursday – run, walk with friends
  • Friday – rest day, bike, walk
  • Saturday –  LONG RUN, walk
  • Sunday – rest day, bike, walk/hike

I am linking up with Kim and Deborah for

I encourage you to do the same. Grab the graphic, drop your link on the host blogs and play along! Please be sure to always comment on the HOST’s blogs, as well as visit and comment on as many other blogs as you can.

Happy Running! How is your running going? Have the winter temps or snow hit? Have you signed up for any races? Virtual or In-Person? Please share.

38 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 1.11.21-1.17.21: Counting Down

  1. Happy Anniversary! That’s great that you are signed up to get the vaccine! Things have been a little crazy here with it too because last week our governor changed who was eligible and said we were moving into the next phase, but no appointments are available. So everyone is really frustrated. Hopefully we will have more info this coming week.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. happy anniversary to you! I can officially try to sign up tomorrow for the vaccine but the site is impossible so not optimistic for anytime soon. That’s great that you can get it this week! I have a virtual race in 2 weeks but no real races anytime soon. Have a great week! Nice to “see” you yesterday

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad to hear you were able to get an appointment for the vaccine. Do you know which one you will be receiving? Illinois hasn’t moved to phase IIb yet. My father-in-law is 88 and he really needs to get it. I put him on a waiting list for our county health department. It’s such a mess.

    Happy anniversary!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You are very lucky to have snagged an appt. Even my mom is slated for the beginning of February (right now, who knows?) but at least they come to her.

    I had a really frustrating time just trying to get an appointment for the test, and had to go to Schenectady for it. First they were talking about Amsterdam! Good thing I haven’t been around anyone. It’s still pretty much a mess.


      • It was negative. I didn’t really have COVID – like symptoms & I was never very sick (except a few hours last week). At this point because it had been a long time I would’ve been shocked for it to be positive.

        It’s still hard to get appointments. I tried a nearby urgent care but they won’t do appointments except day of & by 8 am no appointments. You could walk in but who knows how long you’d have to wait? Then the places close to me I would’ve had to wait even longer.

        Getting tested is still not easy.


  5. So much too look forward to this week. I’m not so bothered by the inspirational chatter (it’s non-stop shout-outs that ruin classes for me) but I can never remember them afterwards. That’s a good one from Alex.

    Happy Anniversary — I’m not even sure my husband would want to dine in an igloo (he’s so covid-cautious) but that place looks really cool. I hope you give us a review. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I have the same countdowns as you! I am so thankful for a 3 day weekend.

    So exciting that you were able to get an appt for the vaccine! I have no clue when it will be available for me in CT but I will definitely be refreshing the website to book an appointment!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. So glad you were finally able to get an app ointment. Those igloos look amazing
    mm. Trader Joes!
    We need a waterfalls tour
    I finally found the Madonna class. And yes on one nugget. Luckily I enjoy Selena’s


  8. Happy Anniversary!! I admire all the waling/hiking you’re able to squeeze in EACH day. Also, glad you were game for some biking yesterday! I sometimes feel like I’m “cheating” with the biking (being able to chat with others, etc.), but my legs always tell me otherwise when I climb down afterwards LOL


  9. Woot woot! You’re one step closer to freedom with your vaccine date on the calendar. I hear so much about how slow the rollout is yet I also hear of so many people who have gotten it, so that’s what I’m focusing on. Hopefully my parents will be able to get it soon, which is my #1 wish right now. I’ll take it as soon as I can get it but it’s enough that it’s “soon” whether it ends up being in a month or this summer.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. It is a mess here with the vaccine. I got an email from a coworker to sign up but of course the schedule filled up fast. Then I found out those appointments were cancelled because the vaccine is not yet available for teachers. Enjoy the igloo dining experience! Looks so pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Happy Anniversary Darlene! You dinner plans sound great and what’s a week to wait, right? We’ve nothing open here unfortunately but *maybe* by the time our anniversary rolls around we can go out again?

    Good that you are still going for your walks! Some days are hard to get out if the weather is crap, but still going strong over here too. And you had some good runs as well! So that’s nice.

    Was good to ride with you Saturday!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Those igloos are so cool! It’s really amazing how many places of business have been able to pivot and find a way to make things work. Happy anniversary!

    More beautiful hikes, walks, and runs. The fresh air can do so many wondrous things for us.

    Liked by 1 person

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