TT: What I learned about myself during the Pandemic

Since today is Tuesday, I’m  linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner) and you should too.

The Topic this week is: What did you learn about yourself during the pandemic?

First, things I learned that surprised me:

  • I could let people see me without makeup.
  • I could spend half the day in pajamas.
  • I could wear the same outfit two days in a row.
  • I could binge watch a Netflix series.
  • I did not hate working from home.
  • I cooked more often.

Yup, I admit it. I’m pretty vain. I used to wear lipstick even when I went out for a run. I plan my outfits and love to dress up.  I rarely sit in front in of the TV yet alone watch 6 seasons of a show. I enjoy being on the go and loved the social interaction at a job. So the option of working in a room at home everyday was something I NEVER considered.

Secondly, things I learned that did not surprise me:

  • I needed to color my hair and have my nails done.
  • I missed shopping and the need to buy new clothes (and shoes.)
  • I missed going to the movies, shows, concerts and other events.
  • I missed seeing my friends on a regular basis.
  • I missed work travel and running in different places.
  • I missed my Friday night mah jongg games.
  • I was disciplined (or stubborn) enough to run all the miles even without races to train for.
  • Even with more free time, I did not work out or cross-train.
  • Running virtual races were just fun runs for me.
  • I was not nervous running an in-person race.
  • I enjoyed hiking as much as or maybe more than running.
  • I’m not ready to retire.

2020 = 1017 Miles
Jan – 83.8 miles
Feb – 76.7 miles
Mar – 91 miles
Apr – 89 miles
May – 86.5 miles
Jun – 82 miles
Jul –  78 miles
Aug – 89 miles
Sept – 75 miles
Oct –  93 miles
Nov – 87 miles
Dec – 86 miles

As you can see above, I ran pretty consistently throughout the year. I usually try for 84 each month but some months are more and some are less. In fact, I ran MORE miles than the years that I was racing every weekend even in 2019 when I was training for my first marathon.

I love to be active so no surprise that when I was stuck at home everyday, I explored a new fitness option – Hiking saved my sanity, for sure.

So now it’s 2021 and the Pandemic is not over yet….

However I’m better prepared this year for the changes and inconveniences it brings.

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Happy Running! What did you learn about yourself during the Pandemic? Please share.


38 thoughts on “TT: What I learned about myself during the Pandemic

  1. I’m going through the leggings-all-day and no-make-up phase right now because I’m quarantined for 10 days (travellers returning to Switzerland from South Africa all had to quarantine).
    And I agree with you – it’s quite enjoyable to be at home all day.
    Except for not being allowed to run or walk outdoors. That is torture!


  2. I love how you stayed consistent with your mileage each month last year – that’s really impressive! I try to hit a minimum of 50 miles per month just to keep up my running fitness, but I know I should probably aim for more, lol.

    Although I’m tired of virtual races, I’m still not ready for in-person races. Obviously my attitude toward that will change once I can get the vaccine, hopefully this summer.


  3. Great mileage over the year! That is discipline 🙂

    I hear ya on lots of your lessons! I’ve never spent so much time in sweatpants and been okay with it!


  4. Ha ha, well I continued to wear lipstick for my runs. My lips are dry and need something anyways, so why not add a little bit of shimmer LOL Like you, I really missed live racing. I’m glad I was able to stay consistent with my running, but there’s no substitute for a race. Just think how euphoric we’ll be when they return!


  5. Ha! These are great!

    I still wear mascara pretty much always, even when out for a run, but I haven’t cared so much about the rest of it. I still don’t love binge watching series on TV. And I can wear pajamas all day, thank you very much!


  6. I knew that I would enjoy working from home and wearing pajamas as much as possible! I don’t know how I am going to deal with wearing real clothes (not leggings) when I eventually go back to the office. I used to wear minimal makeup, now I rarely even do that.


  7. I wish I could say that I cooked more often during the pandemic! I guess I did in the early days – definitely more baking! I think I fell back to being lazy after a few months, haha!

    I wish I could have run more last year but my foot started giving me trouble and I didn’t want to push it. I’m just hoping for a little more consistency this year!


    • You have a busy life with a husband baby and job. I’d stay that you are pretty active.

      I have resisted baking because I have no will power.


  8. Because I had previously worked from home, many of these things I already knew. Even though I like to watch a show or two in the evening, unless I’m REALLY sick, I don’t binge watch anything. One or two is enough for me at a time!

    Of course Pandemic induced working from home isn’t the same thing, there are so many more restrictions. I’m pretty good with not shopping, but I will admit I really long for going into a store just to wander around & the fun of finding something new — you can still do that, of course, but I choose not to.

    Travel is the biggie for me, for sure.


  9. I was surprised by how quickly I stopped wearing makeup, which was unimaginable before. While I have loved being at home and would happily WFH forever, I do miss just being able to hang out with friends inside and travel.

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  10. In the beginning I enjoyed working from home. I saved money on gas, I did not have to be at work super early, and I could wear jeans or shorts during the day. Then i got bored. I missed my routine and the interaction with other teachers and my students. Right now I enjoy going to my classroom to teach. it is a routine for me and change of scenery after being home all of these months.

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    • That could be an adjustment. My hubby still worked but being home every night together was different.

      Running was my reward during these crazy times.


  11. We did lots of take out at the start of the pandemic, but now we cook at home almost always. I never wore back up on runs and seldom so now, but I have spent more time on skincare since the pandemic started.

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  12. It’s great that you’ve been able to enjoy hiking! I definitely will wear the same thing two days in a row — I wonder if my husband notices? 😉 Sometimes I catch myself reaching for lip gloss before heading out, and then I remember my mask. LOL.

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  13. I’ve loved seeing the pics you’ve posted from your hikes over the past months. In fact, I thought of you while we were out hiking on Saturday.

    Same here with the clothes and makeup; although, I always wear lipstick to protect my dry lips.

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  14. I may not spend half my day in PJs but I do sometimes stay in my running clothes for most of the day. I missed Target in the beginning but now I put my mask on and go. And as for Netflix, I have no problem binge watching a series.
    Great job on all the miles!

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