Racing During COVID-19 Times

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I haven’t run a race since February 2020.

smiling even in the pouring cold rain

Like most of you, I have hesitated to race even once real (in-person) races were offered.

But enough is enough.

I am running a race on November 15.

My Friday Five topic this week is Why You Should (or can) Run a Real (In-Person) Race Now

  1. Precautions are in place.

Staggered starts. Masks wearing when not racing.  No water stops. No spectators. Altered post-race food options. Wide running routes.

STEVE SCHALLENKAMP: Region is returning to a new normal in running | Sports |

Race Directors have put a lot of thought into making sure that EVERYONE is safe.  They do want to continue offering races and they do not want anyone getting sick.

2. Staying Connected with the Running Community.

Most runners are either running alone or with a small group of friends.

Runners who race are social. We need our peeps.

I miss seeing those runners that I know but only see at races.  I have made friends with runners that I have met at races.

I also miss that support that you only get from other runners before and after a race.

3. Supporting the Racing Organizations.

Yes, it is a business like any other.  They need money to stay in business.

You can support them by signing up for virtual races but I am sure they do not make nearly as much income that way.

unfortunately for this race, my only choice was to run it “virtually”

Once the pandemic is over, we will want these organizations in business so we have a nice selection of races to choose from (and at affordable prices).

4. Paying for and Earning Swag.

If you like swag, you do not have to run an in-person race.  You can pay the $$ and run it virtually.

But it is costly.  I just paid $90 for a race that went virtual (with no refund or referral option.)

sure, we had fun but no one was racing it.

If I am not running on that particular course (and I just choose an easier one), I do not feel that I deserve that swag.  I do not even consider it a “race”. It is just a run with swag that you paid $$ for.

yes it would have been a more difficult race in NYC

5. Training and Running Mojo.

Does anyone really follow a training plan if they are not going to be running a “real” race???

Maybe loosely because we are runners and do not want to lose our endurance.

It is very difficult to stay motivated.

I am a runner that gets her mojo from racing.  Not having raced since Feb, has me still running but very casually and very slowly.

just going through the motions while my friends are walking

As I have often said, my opinions are my own.  I am not being critical of those who disagree.  Feel free to comment but not about personal issues, politics or beliefs.

I have a pregnant daughter-in-law, friend with cancer, 95 year-old mother-in-law. I am not being reckless around them IMO because I choose to run an in-person race.

This is about running not COVID.

Happy Running! Have you run a real race yet?  Are you planning to? Why or Why not? Please share.


14 thoughts on “Racing During COVID-19 Times

  1. You are lucky that you got to run a race this year! I did not get one in before March, because I thought I would have all year! I guess I was wrong. There are no local races here for the rest of the year. Enjoy your race this weekend. I don’t think you are being reckless at all. -M

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    • I almost did not run those races because my foot hurt. In hindsight I am so glad that I did…who knew??

      I feel safe and I hope to enjoy this new experience.


  2. I haven’t run a race since October 2019! I would happily run a race and am supposed to run a half in New Mexico in April, but it was postponed twice this year. If that race is happening in-person in April 2021, I will most certainly be there. Just 3 more states to go! If I’m able to run a half in those remaining states next year, I will be so happy!

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  3. Enjoy your race! I got to do a real race last month and it felt completely safe, and may I say, a very welcome breath of normalcy.

    I disagree passionately that virtual racing isn’t real racing, that’s totally up to the person running the race. In particular I’m thinking about everyone who ran their first full in 2020. They did their training, came up with their courses, and ran their hearts out on race day. That’s real and that’s spectacular.

    (But I get what you’re saying…I doubt that any of the people I’m thinking about have chosen to run a full on their own if real racing had been an option.)

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    • It’s definitely personal. My friend in NYC ran the full recently and she trained hard. But for me, I just run them for fun because I have no choice.

      I’m excited about tomorrow but can’t wait until I run a race without restrictions.


  4. I don’t push myself as hard for a virtual race, but I do push myself more than just going out to run, and I definitely feel as though I’ve earned any swag I get.

    I personally am not interested in real races right now, not really because of COVID, but because it’s just not the race experience that I want.

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  5. Good luck with your race, Darlene. I did 2 5Ks since our restrictions were relaxed and I felt safe at both of them. Race directors must submit their plans to the state department of health before a race. These races, while different from those in the past, felt much more like “real” races than virtual ones. I hope rising case numbers don’t mean your race gets canceled.

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