My Favorite Brands

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

The Topic for today is: What are some of your favorite running brands? (Yes, I’m a week early)

  • Skirts, Capris, Tights

SKIRT SPORTS – comfortable, stylish but most importantly for the pockets. In fact, that’s all I own.

  • Tops

For tanks, it’s also SKIRT SPORTS.

For short sleeve and long sleeve, I mostly wear race shirts and only women’s cut ones that fit.

  • Socks

BALEGA for short runs

and KARRAMOR for long runs. They are Japanese and I haven’t been able to find in this country (luckily I have 2 pairs that I got on sale at EMS).


  • Compression

I prefer calf sleeves and LEGEND is my preferred brand.  They are supportive but not too tight.

  • Sunglasses

I’m one of those runners that almost always wears them.  GOODRS are my absolute favorite – so light and so comfy. They come in so many cool colors with cute names.

Image result for goodr

  • Watch

GARMIN hands down though I only wear one for racing. Otherwise I wear my Apple Watch.

I still love my old 205 but now I do use the 230.

Garmin Forerunner 230

  • Sports Bra

Not that I need one but I wear HANDFUL because they are light, non-chafing and have pads (that you could take out.)

  • Shoes

Well, that’s a difficult one…. it changes with each injury.  Right now it’s TOPOS. They are light, supportive, have a wide toe box and are zero-drop.

Topo Magnifly

  • Hats

Baseball cap brand that I like is BROOKS. I hate visors, headbands, etc. These caps are women’s fit, adjustable and lightweight.

Run Happy Sherpa Hat

And Beanies, I like the ones that I have gotten from races. I like to have a cuff so that it stays down.

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Happy Running! What are some of your favorite brands?  Do you wear any of mine? Please share.

26 thoughts on “My Favorite Brands

  1. Yes to Balega socks, Garmin and race shirts for short and long arm shirts!
    I would buy skirt sports items if they would ship to Switzerland. I have never tried compression calf sleeves. Do you wear them a lot?

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  2. A big YES to sunglasses! Not only do they look badass, my dry skin is extremely prone to wrinkles, so I have to keep the squinting at the minimal. Currently, I’m loving Knockarounds, but have heard a lot of good things about Goodrs.I prefer the sticking hats with cuffs, too…the beanies look weird on me.


  3. So fun! I love Brooks shoes and Balega socks. Garmin is my watch of choice. I love Old Navy and Target brand running shorts, and my favorite bras come from Lululemon or Athleta. I think the Handfulls are cute, but no way would they work for me.

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  4. Skirt Sports for the win! That’s about all I run in, though I have some older capris and tights I’ll wear when it gets cold. I love your old Garmin! I had that one, then I upgraded to the 235, and most recently purchased the Venu (and actually use it as a regular watch because it’s pretty and is linked to my emails).

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    • Hooray for Skirt Sports. I like the old Garmin because you can see everything on ONE screen. Most of the time I do use my Apple Watch because it gets texts and everything else on it.


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