So you want to hike?

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My Friday Five topic this week is What you need to be a successful hiker

But just like running, if you don’t have the right stuff, it could be a nightmare.

  1. Shoes.

It depends on if you just walking a flat trail or climbing up a rocky one.

Until recently, I just wore my trail running shoes and they worked fine.

proud to have crossed a creek on that log

But waterproof boots are helpful when it is muddy or you have to cross water.  They also offer more support on a rocky or steep trail.

new boots, cheap poles, orange hat and swag bag

2. Support.

Your legs are going up and down. Over rocks and trees.  I usually just use I stick from a tree.  It’s the perfect height and weight for me.

getting to the top with my trusty stick

Hiking poles also work great.  I bought a cheap pair and they broke the first hike.  I did order a new pair.

3. Clothes.

Just like running, wear layers.  You will be cold at first and then warm up.

started out with gloves and a jacket…capris are my favorite since you can add socks for warmth

Wear orange or pink during hunting season.

my shirt is orange

4. Connectivity.

Always bring your cell phone.  Download the ALLTRAILS app so you can track your route. But know that you may not have cell service. So be prepared.

Download the trail map before you go!!!

5. Supplies.

Obviously you need water and a treat for the top of your climb (or end of your trek.)  Also bring toilet paper, bug spray, sunscreen, extra pair of socks, windbreaker.

snack break

You can carry everything in a light back pack.  I actually use ones I’ve gotten as swag from races (as you see in the photo above).

**6. Companions

Obviously it’s more fun to go hiking with someone else.  Make sure you all have the same expectations, ability and endurance. Otherwise it is not fun.

for my running friends, 3 miles with moderate climbs is enjoyable for everyone

I am sure that dogs make the best companions.  I have seen so many hikers with their furry friends that I get FOMO.

if you look closely, you’ll see some small dogs with colorful vests

Happy Running! Do you like to hike? Do you hike often? Any other helpful hiking tips?


16 thoughts on “So you want to hike?

    • It really is a positive. Not happy about the pandemic and working from home but at least hiking gets me outdoors (and I feel safer there)


  1. I love your hiking tips. Hubby and I have been doing a lot of hiking lately and I have been wearing my trail running shoes because they are so comfortable. He wears hiking shoes, though. I might have to get a pair.

    Wearing orange is important in the fall. In PA, hunting used to not be allowed on Sundays so we didn’t have to worry about wearing orange. Now it is allowed every day, so orange is a must. I won’t hike during deer rifle season. Too many guns in the woods!


  2. I have hiking shoes that I’ve had for 20+ years — even the laces are still the original! But I’m finally beginning to see more wear on them. 😦

    When I’ve done longer hikes (usually on racecations, no dogs) I use my hydration vest (it has a decent size pocket on the back). Sometimes I have used that for hikes with the dogs, too. Don’t be too envious of the dogs, cause they want to sniff EVERYTHING and it can get annoying.


    • Right but they are good company so you don’t feel alone on a long and difficult hike.

      I loved my older hiking shoes but I realized that they were too small. I got them before I was a runner and they were only one size larger. Now I buy shoes 1 1/2 sizes larger. I am slowly breaking my new boots in.

      I haven’t seen any hikers with hydrations vests but they would be very useful on short hikes. The big packs I see are to carry the poles and first aid kits etc for those longer hikes. Mine is mostly filled with lunch lol.

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  3. I love hiking, and it’s one thing my kids have grown to like too. I have some Merril hiking shoes — I do fine without the ankle support of boots. Layers are key, especially if you’re out for a while or changing elevation. We went from chilly to hot to chilly on our hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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