A Race of My Dreams

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

The Topic for today is: If You could Race Anywhere in the World, where would that be?

Of course, I cannot pick ONE place and right now during this pandemic, I might even answer ANYWHERE.

So here are my top picks:

#1 – Paris

As a former French teacher and lover of anything French, this city will always be #1 in my heart.

I have run there and I hope to run there again and again.

Oct 2018

#2 One of the National Parks

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

I love hiking and I’ve been to Yellowstone, Bryce, Grand Canyon and Zion but that was before I became a runner. I would love to run a race in one or more of these parks.

National Park Race Series Is For Runners Of All Skill Levels

#3 Napa Valley or California Wine Country

I love my wine. So this is a no brainer.

Home - Napa Valley Marathon

Of course, my list could go on and on and one: Alaska, Hawaii, Italy, Switzerland, China, Iceland, Israel, etc.

Just buy me a plane ticket and I’m there.

I’m also linking up here:

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Happy Running! Any thoughts?  Where is your dream race? Please share.

32 thoughts on “A Race of My Dreams

  1. You’ve sold me on Napa Valley! There’s a local winery that does a race, I guess you could say it’s been my only “destination” race. The medal for the last year that I did it has a wine stopper in it, and they give you a $10 voucher for the winery.


  2. I have never run in Paris, not even France. Considering we’re so close, I should really do that one day.
    The National Parks in the US! Yes, I would definitely want to run there, too!
    And I would also like to run through a park in London and through Soweto in South Africa. Both very different, but I imagine it to be fun.

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  3. Yes, I have a long list too. Iceland is really near the top! I have run in National Parks but not raced in them (although most of the races don’t actually go through the parks, they go near them).

    I’ve been to Napa a few times but I actually don’t remember if I’ve run there. I know I wasn’t a runner the first few times I visited, but I think I was the last time I did. Haven’t raced there though. It keeps burning up though. 😦


  4. I MISS TRAVELING!!!!! My wanderlust is in crazy overdrive. We have been fortunate enough to get to the mountains a few times, but we are getting to the time of year where we usually take a trip for our anniversary and then one for the holidays, and then and then and then…

    t will all come back. One day. And then that ol’ passport better be ready to go!

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