Weekly Run Down for 10.19.20-10.25.20: Foliage Running and Hiking Continue

Fewer daylight hours every day but still enjoying my hiking opportunities. Oh and my runs too.

The weather and colors have been amazing this fall. The only bright side of 2020.

Last Week –

  • Monday – I thought about taking a rest day. Especially after a half marathon and a tough hike over the weekend but looking at my schedule, it seemed like I may not have time for a run all week.  My legs were feeling surprisingly fresh so I decided on an easy 5k. I drove to the rail trail but veered off in search of a NEW local park (with trails).

my last of 8 virtual 5ks and so excited to locate the new local trails.

I was glad to have gotten that run in since it was raining when I got done with work.  I still decided to check out that new park.

a little muddy…plan to explore it even more on another drier day.

  • Tuesday – A very windy morning with rain on the way so I got in a quick morning walk with hopes of a run and/or walk after work.

lots of color (even with the dreary skies) and Halloween decorations

I went out for a second walk and it still wasn’t raining so I decided on a spur of the moment short run.

not planned so overdressed and no hat…would have run longer if I were prepared to run

I had to go into work in the afternoon and decided to keep on my running clothes (in hopes that no one would see me there) and I could finish my run nearby.

run done at Ualbany…yes those are Christmas balls on that tree

It was predicted to rain and again my STEM volunteer walk assignment was cancelled. So I headed to the Pine Hollow Arboretum to get in a few more steps and to check the damage from our recent storm.

many big trees down and still in awe of the foliage colors this fall

  • Wednesday – My third day in a row of running but rest days were definitely scheduled for Thursday and Friday. Not enough time to go anywhere but the neighborhood.

these blow up decorations seem to be big this year

After work, my running group’s trail walk was scheduled. It seems that our group is getting smaller but still glad to have the company and get it done before darkness.  For that reason, I chose the Pine Bush Discovery Center trails.

still able to get the whole trail in before sunset…only a few more weeks left

  • Thursday – A planned day off from work so I could go hiking with a friend.  Luckily I have had fantastic weather for all my hikes.  Today was the same. My friend chose the Beacon Fire Tower for our hike.  It was quite a difficult one and a long one (6 hours!!). There were 5 of us and we got almost lost several times and met quite a few interesting people. So fun!!

many overlooks with pretty views, the ruins of a casino, a fire tower, waterfalls…

Believe it or not, when I got home I felt energized and not tired so I met my BFF for a few hours of chatting and walking around an outdoor mall.

  • Friday – A rest day and busy work day with just a few walks.

tired of the neighborhood so headed to the hilly part of the water line

After work, I took my usual walk with former co-workers. It was longer than usual and then we hung out and snacked and chatted for hours…no dinner and late bed time. Oh well.

  • SaturdayLong Run Saturday w/the Sole Sisters.  I had a real in-person race on my schedule in 3 weeks so I needed to run 11 miles.  We had originally planned to run the Great Pumpkin Challenge 5k or 10k course, do the Sound Walk in Saratoga State Park and then have brunch. But it seemed to be too complicated especially with a fall event scheduled in town.  So we switched to the Zim Smith Bike Path. I got there early and ran 2 miles solo, then 5.5 miles with Heidi and then 3.5 again solo while Judy, Jan, Chris and Jen did their own thing.  We all gathered for brunch. The weather was crazy. Warm and humid at first and then very cold and windy by the time we finished. Our outdoor brunch days may have ended 😦

sorry about the blurry pic

I wanted to stop on my way home to vote but the lines were crazy long.

Instead I did laundry, cooked and binge watched this:

Emily In Paris Season 2: Everything You Should Know!!

watched all 10 episodes – LOVED it!!!!!!!!! (it’s by the creator of SITC which I was obsessed with, as well)

  • Sunday – I usually plan a hike for Sunday but my college friends wanted to ZOOM and it was scheduled for the morning.

I got up early to get on line to vote.  It was 35 degrees but I dressed warmly and listened to a few podcasts. I got done just in time and was super happy to have gotten it done early.

The ZOOM  was fun. It is always a treat chatting with them.

friends since our junior year of college in Nice, France (one more joined later too)

After the ZOOM, I had decided on a trip to two preserves (Strawberry Fields and Mosher Marsh) that were not too difficult and too far to do after work.

Neither one was very interesting due to the fact that they were flat loops and almost all the leaves had fallen from the trees.  But it was peaceful being alone in the woods and good exercise.

the best part was the road leading to the preserve was lined with signs with the words of John Lennon’s song, Imagine

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  run
  • Tuesday – run, STEM walk
  • Wednesday –  rest day
  • Thursday –  run, trail walk
  • Friday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Saturday – Halloween Long Run (12 miles)
  • Sunday –  rest day, hiking

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Happy Running! How is your running going? How are you embracing Fall? Have you watched Emily in Paris? Have you voted yet? Please share.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 10.19.20-10.25.20: Foliage Running and Hiking Continue

  1. I keep hoping for decent weather so I can get in a few lunch walks. Now that I’m able to walk again, I’d love to see and admire some of the fall foliage before it’s all gone. At least I have been able to see some of it after work, via the bike. I’m going to check out Emily…I keep hearing good things about it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you’re enjoying the fall colors while they last. We’re a little past peak colors here now. Glad you enjoyed Emily in Paris and voted. I think the lines will only get longer as we near election day.


  3. Funny, even thought most of the vibrant leaves are gone, I still find much beauty in what’s out there (although I disagree about UAlbany being a beautiful campus).

    Glad you had nice weather for your hike on Thursday. It was dreary and cold out towards Cooperstown, but glad we were able to do that while Lola was still feeling ok.


    • Sorry about Lola.

      Thursday in the Catskills was very warm and sunny. You went in the wrong direction.lol

      I didn’t create that sign but the trails around Indian Quad pond are quite pretty and it is light at night and clear in the winter. That counts for more than beauty in my book.

      Liked by 1 person

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