Runfessions for June

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

1. I runfess…

I am impulsive.  Well, you knew that, right?

I upped my NYS Challenge distance from 500k to 1000K.


That means it’s 6 miles a day rather than 3!!

SIX miles… I only run 3 and not every day.  I walk a lot but once boating season gets in full swing, that’s ZERO miles when on a boat all day.

What was I thinking?

It’ll be a challenge.

This challenge will be good for me, I hope.

Are you impulsive or do you think things through before you act?

2. I runfess…

I really miss racing.

Once my September Half Marathon (Saratoga Palio) was cancelled, I got depressed.  My last half was in February (and I was injured).  Remember I was hoping to run 12 half marathons (one each month) this year.

And I am sick of virtual races.  I ran THREE virtual half marathons already.

So when I got an email announcing that the Adirondack Half Marathon was on (but with changes)…

2020 Adirondack Marathon Distance Festival - Schroon Lake, NY ...

Sept. 27, 2020

Well, you know what happened.

I decided to take a refund for Palio and then signed up for Adirondack Half.

Are you running any races this year?

3.I runfess…

In the beginning, I whined and complained about being stuck in the house 8 to 4 – tied to my computer.

But as the weeks went on, I realized that I NEVER want to go back to my office.


I can wear running clothes ALL day. That means I get quickly sneak out for a run at lunch and be out the door in no time to run after work.

I am in no way running more miles (as you can see above) but what I am doing to getting in more steps because I am moving THREE times a day – before work, at lunch and after work.  I will either walk or hike if I do not run.

Does working from home help or hinder your running?

4. I runfess…

The downside for me regarding work during this pandemic is that I do not get to travel.

I miss running in different locations.  I miss my hotel points (to use for race-cations).

What do you miss if you are working from home?

5.I runfess…

I am enjoying my trails.  I wish I enjoyed my weekday runs that much.  I keep thinking that I should start running on the trails.

only about a mile loop

There’s a few problems.  First I am clumsy. Secondly the nearby ones are not long enough.  The longer ones I would have to drive to and it would be after work.

Definitely could try running on this one

I think that I am just making excuses lol.

Anyone else prefer to walk rather than run on trails?

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Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.


26 thoughts on “Runfessions for June

  1. I miss travelling too! We would have been in Florida, London and Georgia (the country).
    But then again, I always remind myself that this is a minor inconvenience compared to other things going on.
    And it’s environmentally friendly, too! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You know in general I’m not real impulsive. Yes, I love living in running clothes all summer long.

    No, I don’t see myself doing any real races this year. Period. Yes, that makes me sad. And yes, I am in desperate need of a real vacation but it’s not going to happen so that’s that.


  3. I really miss racing, too. The virtuals have filled a void ((somewhat)),but there’s nothing like the race day excitement…and a finish line.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I really miss racing, too. The virtuals have filled a void ((somewhat)),but there’s nothing like the race day excitement…and a finish line.


  5. The Caveman feels the same way about working from home. LOVES IT. He does have a couple of people who are completely unproductive at home though. I love the flexibility of not being locked into office hours. I do miss travel desperately though. I think races should just defer at this point. The virtual thing is old.

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  6. I do miss traveling — and running in different cities. My friend who had Covid is ready to travel, but all her clients are still working at home so she can’t anyway. 😛 6 miles a day is a lot. It’s also a lot to double your mileage — be careful!


  7. Wow, 6 miles a day is a lot of miles…do you get to count your walking miles?

    I was working from home before the pandemic and have always loved the flexibility it offers! It’s great that you’ve been taking full advantage of it.

    I really miss racing and travel. I’m so over virtuals…at this point, I would prefer that races just cancel and offer a deferment or refund.


  8. I’m on track for one of my highest mileage months outside of marathon training, so work from home is definitely helping my running. I don’t stay in run clothes though because sometimes it’s too hot for lycra
    Yay on impulsivity


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