Weekly Run Down for 5.11.20-5.17.20: And so it continues… but with a little social interaction


until probably Fall.

All social activities still cancelled. Missing my friends!!

Trying to get outdoors often so I do not go stir crazy in my Office (aka a room in my house). Always looking for new and interesting places to run or walk and practice social distancing. So far, I’ve been successful and haven’t run out of choices. This past week, I visited two more.

Un-canceled Project - Run The Edge Store

I signed up again for 6 more weeks…they are free so why not? Dreams Un-Canceled, Kindness Un-Canceled, Joy Un-Canceled, Community Un-Canceled, Perseverance Un-Canceled, Life Un-Canceled

And I actually chatted with some good friends this week (in person).

Last Week –

  • Monday – A rainy day…at least no snow. It was a rest day but I wish I had gotten out before work for a walk because it wasn’t raining yet.  Fingers crossed for a break in the rain around lunch because the post work walk looked like a wash out.

It was raining and cold when I left the house at lunchtime so I wore a heavy coat and carried an umbrella. Since the trails would be too muddy, I walked around the neighborhood.

and then halfway through my walk, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Crazy weather! Hopefully you like flowers since this is what I will be posting all summer.

I was right, it was pouring when I finished work. Not able to visit a new trail today.  But after dinner, the rain did stop for awhile. Too muddy and late for a trail walk but I did squeeze in a chilly damp walk in town.

of course, more flower pictures.

  • Tuesday – Cloudy, cool and WINDY but no rain.  My bi-weekly walk at lunch with my friend got canceled. I avoided most of the mud on the trail and had a nice solo walk.

lucky to have a safe and scenic place to walk right behind my house

Still windy after work but a little warmer and sunnier.  It’s always a dilemma on where to run to keep things interesting. I decided do my Un-Canceled 5k at Washington Park.

dreaming of running fast again on a day without WIND

I struggled with the wind but ran around the city first and then hit the park to finish up.

You can see those tulips blowin’ in the wind

I couldn’t leave the park before taking MORE pictures of the tulips.

unfortunately this won’t be the last of my tulip pics

  • Wednesday – Hooray for some sun today.  Still windy (Come on, it’s May not March!!) Decided to take to the trails at lunch (after 2 days of NO rain) to see if the mud was passable.

too loops of Van Dyke preserve and not muddy at all

Then after work, I decided to check out the UAlbany loop since I had not been there since I started working from home.  Due to Covid19 testing there, I was only able to do a 3/4 loop so just added on the lake loop.

  • Thursday – Finally perfect weather,  Sunny, warm, no wind and it was my REST DAY. I wish I had thought of getting up earlier and going for a walk before work. (Oh, you lucky folks who do not HAVE to work!!)

Today was my first real social day during this pandemic. First a lunch walk with my friend.

took a late walk and bumped into two former co-workers (on bikes) from the previous job. Small world.

Then after work my tennis friends and I gathered for BYO picnic in a park. We sat 6ft apart and chatted and ate. Can’t believe that is what my social life has come to but better than not seeing my friends at all.

Of course, my running friends and I continued with our weekly ZOOM chat.

  • Friday – The second day in a row that it was nice before work and I wished that I had taken a walk.  It was another rest day (I don’t run the day before a LONG run.) Heavy rain and thunderstorm were predicted but I was able to squeeze in a short walk in the neighborhood after I dropped my car off for some maintenance.

the lilacs are coming. the lilacs are coming. Love how they smell.

Fingers crossed that the storms would hold off and I didn’t get caught in them as I  had planned to explore a new trail. Can’t believe that less than a week ago, it snowed and today it was humid and 85 degrees.

I decided to go to Hannacroix Creek Preserve.  The first trail went own to the River.

Then the second longer and hilly one went up to the water falls.

Got both hikes done and back home before the rain!!

  • Saturday – The Steel Rail Half Marathon was scheduled for Sunday but I chose to run it virtually rather than on it’s new Oct 10 date.  That meant I could run it today since the weather looked better. I decided on the Corning Bike Path for my 13.1. It’s pretty flat. I lucked out on the weather. It was sunny and warm. I struggled (my feet hurt) but I took my time and walked when needed and got it done.

this may be my last virtual half marathon

After doing some errands, I got home in time for our blogger ZOOM Coffee Date.

always look forward to these chats

  • Sunday – Our second spring temp day in a row. We were thinking of going boating as our marina opened yesterday. But the weather seemed to be cloudy, chilly and breezy. (Don’t trust the weather app. it turned out to be a very nice day.)

Instead my hubby went off to play tennis and I went for a long drive to check out a new preserve – Huyck Preserve. I chose to do the Lake loop and glad I did.This may have been one of my favorite hikes.

love waterfalls, obviously

When I got home, we went shopping for perennials since I decided that this year, I wanted to create a new perennial garden.  (My strength training for the year!!)

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – run
  • Tuesday –  run, walk with BFF
  • Wednesday – run
  • Thursday – rest day, tennis picnic, running friends ZOOM
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg walk
  • Saturday – LONG RUN
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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Happy Running! How is your running going?  How is this virus affecting you and your family? Have you done any parking lot or driveway get togethers with friends or family? Please share.

25 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 5.11.20-5.17.20: And so it continues… but with a little social interaction

  1. I love that you are finding new routes to run! I am sure that keeps things interesting.

    I joined the Un-Canceled Project 2 on Monday. I missed the theme fore week 1, but happy to finally be on board. I have noticed that I need a little more of a push when it comes to my runs lately and I’m hoping this will deliver that push for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I definitely need a push. Not getting it. But still trying to be active. My new routes have been for walking. Not really a trail runner.


  2. I was lucky to have nice days for both my runs, and lots of outdoor Yoga. Quite content with lower mileage — happy to be getting in more strength training. I haven’t tried that outside yet but I could . . . apparently I need an upstairs Yoga mat.

    I’m just happy I don’t have to be inside all the time due to weather!

    Good job getting your half done. Trying to persuade Mr. Judy to try some of your walks, although we’d take the dogs so the mud is a problem for them. I do love waterfalls. Last week I was too tired to go on my own.

    I also found some interesting parks near Hudson (online, of course).


    • I like going by myself. And yes it’s so nice that this has happened in the spring not the winter. I have a friend who goes somewhere different every day. I have a long way to go since I can only go at night and weekends. And soon boating will take up the weekend. I have to start going after dinner since it’s still light out.


  3. It was great seeing you again via Zoom and I love how you got together to picnic at a distance with friends! I intended to get flowers last Friday however one look at the line waiting to enter Home Depot sent me packing. We got SO much rain yesterday (think 4″) so anything I might have planted would have washed away. Ugh.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I didn’t know you’d run your 13.1 before our Saturday ZOOM! Way to go! Yeah, the wind. It’s been a beast…I think it’s been even worse this spring than it was through the winter.


  5. I didn’t know you’d run your 13.1 before our Saturday ZOOM! Way to go! Yeah, the wind. It’s been a beast…I think it’s been even worse this spring than it was through the winter.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Your tulip photos have been beautiful! Not so much in the way of flowers for us. Spring has been slow to start here. We are flooded after 7+ inches of rain yesterday. More to come. I swear, it’s the end of time…

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Your tulip photos make me so happy.

    We have been doing driveway and culdesac meetups like they are going out of style. It’s so helpful that we get along with so many of our neighbors. Our Food Truck Fridays started back up again, so it’s nice to be able to grab dinner at the community center, socially distanced, of course, and say hi to other neighbors and just have things be normal-ish. it’s helping.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s awesome that you are connecting with friends again in the new normal. We’re a little behind you but hopefully things will change slowly.


  8. I’m glad you got more social interaction this week! The parking lot party looks fun, I’d love to do something like that!

    I enjoy seeing all the flowers that you share! And you have so many nice places nearby to walk or run!


    • Yes, it was fun. I hope to do more of these.

      I do have a lot of neat places to walk/run. I’m not sure why it took a pandemic to seek them out. So easy to get in a rut.


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