Going Virtual? Why Not!

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My Topic today is: Virtual Racing.

When there aren’t any races, there are so many reasons to run a virtual race.  In fact, I can’t think of any reason NOT to sign up for one.

But here are my five reasons to Go Virtual:

1.You have NO scheduled races.

In other words, these races will not interfere with your training plan.

6 - You know you're a runner when you plan your social calendar around your training and races.

um…mine is pretty empty

2.Many virtual races are FREE.

It will not cost you anything to sign up. And if you get injured and can’t do the race, you will not lose any money.

a different theme and color each week…you can run ANY distance

3.You can add to your SWAG collection.

If you do pay to sign up for a virtual race, they often send you awesome swag such as cool medals, shirts, glasses, etc.

pretty sweet swag..I would have signed up if I didn’t already run the real one

4.It will MOTIVATE you to get out there and run or walk the miles.

Especially if others have signed up or you join a FB group for that race.  Races, virtual or not, will make you more accountable to being active.

most of my running friends are participating in this one

5.Charities and Running Companies NEED your money..

When this is over, we do want to have races.  The companies that organize them are losing a lot of money now.  The charities that have been supported by racing are not getting money now.

a BIG local race that will be losing so much $$

One More..

**You can do the races ANY TIME and ANYWHERE. And they will not get CANCELLED.

If the weather is not ideal, just change the time or date of the race.  You can also pick a scenic course or a flat course…whatever pleases you.

Happy Running! Have you run any virtual races? Which ones have your enjoyed? Please share.

12 thoughts on “Going Virtual? Why Not!

    • I’m tempted on the one that you across NYS. My friends have a team. It starts today. Luckily you can add your walking miles to it.


  1. I actually signed up for a virtual race the other day! My best friend and I ran it 10 years ago and naturally the in-person race is cancelled, but they had a great virtual package put together so we decided to sign up and train together, albeit it distantly (literally, she’s in California and I’m in Texas). It’ll be fun to have a goal! Oh and plus I did buy a lot of swag when I signed up – celebrating my first race in over a year called for that, dontcha think? 😉

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  2. I agree with #5, but otherwise, just not really my thing. Freirhofers is the only one i’m signed up for so far. I need to feel like I’ve earned my swag, for me, somehow, virtual doesn’t feel that way.

    I have a feeling this might be my slowest Freihofers (mostly due to the nasal breathing). OTOH, I might just turn it into a downhill race. It can take the place of my downhill half. 🙂


  3. As you know, I’ve been doing a lot of virtuals. Some have been for races that had to go virtual, some have been fundraisers, and some have been for an added boost to my training. The Un-Canceled 5K’s have really kept me accountable 😉

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    • Unfortunately I’ve had to go virtual when there was no refund. And of course to support important charities. I keep them all fun.


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