Weekly Run Down for 4.13.20-4.19.20: And another one bites the dust..

I am talking about another Half Marathon that I signed up for.

postponed from May 17 to October 11 (which is the week after Smuttynose HM!!)  No refund. I can run 13.1 virtually before May 17 OR on Oct. 11. I decided on the virtual option. I still get all the swag.

Otherwise things are the same. Still working at home (now at least until May 15!!!!) … all social activities still cancelled.

Missing my friends!! Taking advantage of Zoom. I used it on Tues, Thurs, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!! But I just want to HUG someone…

Trying to get outdoors twice a day so I do not go stir crazy in my Office (aka a room in my house).

Always looking for new and interesting places to run or walk and practice social distancing. I can’t believe how many places I have yet to explore.

signed up for a few of these FREE races – why not???

Last Week –

  • Monday – A rainy windy rest day. I was too busy at work to walk at lunch and it was raining even harder after work – The first day since the lock down that I did not venture outside AT ALL.
  • Tuesday – The sun was out during lunch and I took  advantage and went for a walk.

Thanks Judy for the “rainbow” idea for a scavenger hunt.

Not as warm or sunny after work but I had already decided that I would go to the Crossings for a run.

hardly a soul there and spent most of my run on the trails to escape the wind…yes, that’s a Christmas tree.

Every month, my tennis friends and I go out to dinner. Instead we had a ZOOM chat tonight (15 of us!!)…Hope it’s our last and we can see each face to face next month.

  • Wednesday – I guess you can say that I’ve settled into a routine…WORK, walk, Work, run or walk, dinner, knit/read/TV.

lunch walk – pretty chilly when the sun went in and even saw flurries but then pretty nice for the few minutes when the sun came out

I decided that today would be a good day to complete my virtual 5k. I drove to the Corning Bike Path since the distance is marked there. I can’t say that I “raced” especially since I was too warm and had to stop to take off my extra shirt, tie my shoes, rest my weary legs and of course, take pics (=my usual easy run). Still an enjoyable 3.5 miles outdoors (with hardly a soul on the path)..

  • Thursday – Ok, I woke up to snow on the ground but it did melt by lunch so I could take a chilly walk.

just a few flurries but brrr

I was debating on whether to or not to run after work but I just decided to go for an easy one and rest tomorrow. Per my plan to run in different places, I drove to Albany end of the rail (where I have never started my run).

running uphill into the wind was not fun but the scenery was worth it

In the evening, there was our weekly Sole Sister Zoom chat.  Not the same as running together but still enjoy seeing their smiling faces.  Miss my running friends!!

  • Friday – Officially a rest day. That meant NO running but two walks.

a short one on the trails behind my house at lunch

a longer one at my new favorite after work spot (Pine Hollow Arboretum) – the tree are STARTING to bloom up north

  • Saturday -Today was supposed to be the Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon – the one I was supposed to be running with all my friends.  The race has been postponed until Aug 29 but they added a free virtual option.

Though the race would have had you running point to point on the rail trail, I would have to run it as an out and back (But at least the back would be downhill).

You were allowed to run the race either Saturday or Sunday.  When I got up on Saturday…it was cold and snowy so I decide to postpone my virtual half until Sunday.

AM view. The silver lining of this pandemic was that I didn’t HAVE to run today!!

Just spent the day doing errands, stuff around the house and going for a long walk (once the snow stopped). I decided to check out another NEW place.  What a treasure!! Wish I had more time to spend there.

can’t believe there are so many places nearby that I have never been to…I can’t wait to go back here when I have more time.

Later in the afternoon, we had our 2nd ZOOM Blogger Ultimate Coffee Date.

always enjoyable chatting with these lovely ladies

  • Sunday – So today I set out to complete the H2H Half Marathon…solo.

I was originally supposed to run this yesterday, right?  And I had a college reunion (we spent out junior year of college in France together) scheduled in NYC for today.  Oops. I forgot that we had replaced it with a ZOOM chat.

over 3 hours…. would have lasted longer if I didn’t have a half marathon to run lol

Good thing about virtual races is that you can run them whenever. So this one happened in the afternoon.  The weather was a lot warmer than I had hoped for but not complaining (as I was planning to wear a skirt no matter  what.)

As with all my virtual races, I didn’t really “race” it but just put in the miles and tried to enjoy the scenery and being outdoors. But no lie, this one was tough. I struggled from mile 4 on. Right now, I am trying to put it out of mind.

Onward and upward. Next one is May 17 or so (it’s virtual,of course.)

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – rest day, walk
  • Tuesday –  run
  • Wednesday – Virtual Earth Day 5k
  • Thursday – run 
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg walk
  • Saturday – Virtual Un-Canceled Project 15K
  • Sunday – rest day, walk

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Happy Running! How is your running going?  How is this virus affecting you and your family? Are you having  hard time finding safe places to run? Are you running in new places or are in a running route rut? Have you been running any virtual races? Please share.






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24 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 4.13.20-4.19.20: And another one bites the dust..

  1. I love playing race director for my virtuals. Getting to chose the course, the start time, the beer at the finish line…just love the whole thing. Of course I’ll also love it when the real thing comes back. I haven’t paid too much attention to my fall schedule yet, hopefully all of my deferred races aren’t on the same weekend;-) I love seeing all of the flowers and views that you post in IG, we’re having a really slow spring.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Our Zoom happy hour was so fun! I should get my rear and gear and drive to DC for an early morning run. I am ready for a change of scenery on my runs, although I don’t mind being at home the rest of the time.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I try to get out everyday just to get some fresh air and make the day go by faster. Trying to find new neighborhood streets to run on that are not too hilly. I just want to hug people too! xoxo Looking forward to our next zoom chat


  4. Great job with your virtual half! Im not sure if I will do another one. I guess it depends how long this goes on for. I have been running mostly all of the same areas. Yesterday I ventured out a little more and it was a nice change.


    • It is nice to run in different places. It depends on your access and comfort level.

      This virtual race was free and I really didn’t race it. Still 13.1 is tough. I have a month until I attempt another.


  5. I love that you’re getting in so many walks! Somehow, my walking has nose-dived in recent weeks (months?), and I honestly can’t find an answer. Maybe it’s weather-related. I’m looking forward to getting outside for more walks, especially now that the daylight is coming sooner and sooner. Thanks for the reminder on the rainbow walk that Judy suggested…weather permitting, I may do that over lunch.


    • That’s because you are always running or doing star workouts.

      I am walking more than running. I should pick up the running part but when there are no races, I can be a slacker.


    • That is so great. My hubby is a reluctant walker and he is going to work.

      Racing keeps me motivated but I wouldn’t actually call it “racing”. More like running with a bib.


  6. You have such great places to explore! I have to admit that I’ve been nervous about hitting the trails on my runs because I don’t want to find myself too close to someone who had the same idea as me…so the neighborhood has been working, though I’m already getting bored!

    I keep thinking about how crazy the fall will be with multiple races every weekend. Congrats on your virtual race – it ain’t easy, especially at that distance!


    • No running is hard..at least for me. But rewarding or we wouldn’t do it.

      You have to do what you are comfortable with. It doesn’t bother me to see people as long as they do not get close.


  7. Aw, I do need to try that rainbow scavenger hunt!

    I’m fine with places to run. My neighborhood is full of sidewalks, and I can leave the community and still have safe routes. Few people are ever out walking or running, so I feel safe (both from assailants and the virus) when I am out for my exercise.


  8. It’s great to see you connecting so much on Zoom but I sure get missing seeing people in person. I finally got to see a couple friends on Saturday morning, a quick visit from a distance, and that made my day. I don’t think life will be normal again until I can have breakfast at BB with my fellow Renegades.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Beautiful run pics, all that nature really helps (even though I too miss friends and hugs and I’m not even really a hugger!) You are doing a great job staying connected with Zooms- impressive! I like them, and its all we got, but its not the same as in person interactions….

    Liked by 1 person

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