All your races are cancelled…Now what?

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My Topic today is: What To Do When Your Races Are Cancelled

Another post about the pandemic! Sorry! It’s our New Normal.

1.Just Run for Fun.

No training plan!

Just run whenever you want. Wherever you feel like.  And run as many miles as you feel comfortable with and at any PACE.  Leave that watch home!!

2.Sign up for a Virtual Race.

There are so many offered.

Many are FREE!!

all distances and all at no cost

There are also ones that you pay for and it will support an important charity.  They may even send you a shirt and/or medal.

for $20 you get a medal and shirt. use code AMBSS5 at

3.Find a New Way to Stay Active.

You had no time before because you were training for a race.

Why not try biking? Spinning? Yoga? Hiking?

4.Explore Locations where you’ve never been.

Again when you were training, you were looking for maybe flat routes and ones that allowed for a certain distance.

Now it is the time to explore places that may never be used for running.  Those beautiful trails!!!

5. Stay Positive and Look Ahead. Plan for those Future Races.

Races scheduled for the fall may not work out because there will be so many re-scheduled races lumped together in the same month.

So look ahead to 2021.

2018 Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon & Half Marathon - February 18 ...

next February in Florida!!!!

** One More.

Just run the races that have been cancelled as “unofficial” virtual races.

You just run the distance on any route you choose.  Definitely is not the same but it will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Happy Running! Have you used any of the above? Any other suggestions that you can add about dealing with cancelled races? Please share.

17 thoughts on “All your races are cancelled…Now what?

  1. The only race we’d signed up for was canceled and the race organizers refunded our money, which was surprising to me. With the possibility of this virus being cyclic, I’m reluctant to shell out a registration fee for an expensive race just in cast it’s canceled. Hard to know what to do, especially with the uncertainty of cash flow…

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  2. Thanks for the great tips, Darlene. I have been doing a free virtual 5K race series. Bill and I just ran our third (out of 4) race this week. It’s fun to compare race times from week to week.

    I like your idea of looking ahead to next spring. That A1A marathon has been on my list for years…


  3. All great ideas! Since I’m not training for anything now, I’ve been taking advantage of that to do other types of workouts when I feel like it instead of running. And today was going to be a Disney 5k so I out on my outfit and did my own 5k in my neighborhood. Not the same, but still fun 🙂

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    • Good for you. I’ll be running my half tomorrow virtually. Not as much fun but will feel accomplishment. I have my outfit planned too.


  4. Pretty sure my race in June will end up canceled. Even if things start to open back up, I can’t imagine that a race would be possible. That race was so much more about location and finally getting out of NYS (been well over a year). Nope, no back up plan. One day at a time.


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