Tips to Not Feeling Alone When You Run Alone

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My Topic today is: How To Survive Running Alone.

Another post about the pandemic! Sorry!

I know that due to the social distancing requirement, you are running alone.

For some, it is perfectly natural.  You usually run alone.  You have posted that nothing has changed with your running (other than some races may have been cancelled.)

But for those of us who do enjoy the company of others when we run, here are some suggestions that may help you:

1.Plan Virtual Runs with your friends.

Pick a date and time together and run.  Then afterward, text each other about the run and even send a picture.

2.Run a Virtual Race.

You can sign up for one and wear the bib or just run a race (unofficially). This gives your run a purpose.

3.Focus on Your Scenery.

In other words, run in a scenic location, forget about your watch and look around. Stop often and take pictures.  Be grateful for the opportunity to be outdoors.

4.Take Selfies.

Take those running goofy shots and even try jumping.  Post them or send them to friends.

5.Add Audio Distraction – Music, Podcasts, Audio Books.

When you run with others, you chat. Talking makes the run go by faster. Now… we need to be creative.

Cute Sport Girl Running With Music In Her Headphones. Morning ...

One More..

**Focus on YOUR running.

This is the time to work on your cadence, your posture, your foot strikes, etc. Try intervals or HR. Run naked (without that darn watch).

It will keep your mind off that you are now alone.

Happy Running! Have you used any of the above? Any other suggestions that you can add about running alone at this time? Please share.

19 thoughts on “Tips to Not Feeling Alone When You Run Alone

  1. These are all great ideas! Before, I liked a mix of running on my own and then having one run with friends on the weekend. Of course, now they’re all solo runs. I’ve been trying the peloton app and it kind of feels like running with someone else. I know the chatter might annoy people who are just trying to zone out but I enjoyed it!


  2. Great ideas, Darlene! So far, other than the virtual half marathon I did because the Asheville half was canceled, I have done only free virtual races. If the lockdown continues, I may have to break down and pay for some, especially if they support a good cause. It’s hard for me to maintain “race mode” mentality and run fast for very long but 5Ks are good. The half just felt like another training run.

    Stay safe!

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    • Yup. My halfs that are virtual are free or already paid for from the race reg. itself. I can’t run them fast…it’s just a slog. But better than nothing. It keeps the legs ready for when this ends.


  3. I miss my club runs so much. I need them to get in my long runs.
    Next weekend we are running a virtual 5K and half marathon in place of The Boston Marathon and BAA 5K.
    I plan to run both and they will be my first virtual races. I guess it’s not much different than going for a run by my self.


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