Taking Time Off

Since today is Tuesday, I’m  linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner) and you should too.

My Topic today is: Taking Time Off From Running – Yes or No?

Obviously there are many reasons to take time off.

  • Injuries – Unfortunately they happen. Some are just niggles. And others are serious and require a good deal of time off.

just a few days here and there

5 months off

  • Busy Schedule (Work/Travel/Family) – Yes, there are other things in life that come before running.

I so wanted to run but then they’re my tennis friends….

  • Weather Conditions – Especially if you live in the NE, weather can get in the way.  No one wants to run when it is sub zero or icy. And not everyone will or has access to run on a treadmill.


  • Loss of Running Mojo – You just do not feel like running. You may feel burned out. You dread getting out the door. So you skip or shorten runs. You may even stop running for a period of time.

Image result for loss of running mojo ecard

  • Sickness – No fun running with a cold. Probably not capable of running with the flu and definitely not with any kind of stomach-related sickness.
  • Recovery – Too many miles on the legs such as after a long run or a big race.  You need to rest so you don’t end up injured.

Image result for recovery run ecard

I rarely take time off unless I HAVE to.  “Have to” means to me ice, rain, or broken bones. I don’t need a lot of sleep and knock on wood, I rarely get sick or feel rundown.  I credit running… for my being healthy.

Image result for recovery run ecard

Guilty. I’ve run with injuries.

ouchy…sore foot

Guilty. I run when I am busy. I make time for running whereas I will be too busy for other things like strength training or yoga or stretching.

Image result for loss of running mojo ecard

I look forward to running after work and with my friends on the weekend. It brightens up even the dreariest of days!

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Happy Running! Have you taken time off from running? If so, for which reason(s)? Please share.


23 thoughts on “Taking Time Off

  1. Injuries are the only things that make me stop running completely, but I have no shame in cutting my miles way back to single digits the way they are now. I still consider myself a runner.


  2. I take time off for sickness. Sickness means you’re run down, and running doesn’t help you with that.

    I’ve been lucky to have a variety of aches & pains, but only one real injury. I do wish that the aches & pains could just go away forever, as I’m sure you do, too.


    • Aches and pains are part of age and activity. So I’m glad to be moving even if it means pain.

      So far, knock on wood, I have not been sick since I started running…..

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    • Me too as far as injuries and surgeries. Hope we’re both done with that stuff.

      Even if you lose your mojo, you do keep active. That is more important.


  3. I think I’m one of the rare runners who doesn’t run through injuries…well, not all the time anyways LOL I am simply too paranoid about doing permanent damage. My stride is already awkward…I really can’t afford to tweak it any further. I’m glad I have the elliptical for times when my feet/legs need a break but my body is still craving some cardio.

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  4. Like you, rarely take off of running unless I am injured. In the summer time, I am less excited about running longer miles so I cut back my miles but always get out when I can.I also add more summer fitness activities to keep me busy and social. Thanks for linking up to the Runners Roundup


  5. The main reason I have taken off significant time from running is because of injuries. I can usually make time for a run or use my treadmill when the weather is bed. I’ve been better recently about resting when I am sick!


  6. I’ve never had a running injury that made me take more than a couple of days off. Unless you count the time I tripped when I was running on the trails, landed on a rock and cracked my patella. I don’t. #notarunninginjury

    I have had to take time off due to surgery, generally the longest six weeks in my life! Twice!


  7. I ONLY take time off when injured. I’ll skip a run or cut back on miles if things get crazy, and I clearly won’t run when a hurricane hits, but I just really love it and I don’t like missing out on training and races. Maybe it’s not the smartest thing but it’s worked thus far. Even this injury isn’t from overuse or even from running.

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