Reasons Not to Choose a Race

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I have already run 41 half marathons. Many I have loved and would love to run again and then again, there were those that I wished I hadn’t.

I already posted about reasons to choose a race so my topic today is: Reasons Not to Choose A Half Marathon

1.A Poorly Marked or Inaccurate Course

No one likes a course that is short and long and even worse, one that you get lost on.

glad I was not running the full…many went the wrong way and ran a shortened course

2.A Boring or Ugly Course

Running in traffic or running loops and worse, just a route with nothing scenic to look at.

started & ended at a brewery…run in parking lots and along a busy highway

3.The Swag

An ugly medal or NO medal… or a uni-sex shirt (that doesn’t fit) or even a COTTON shirt.

half medal the size of a quarter and a cotton race shirt

4.The Logistics.

Poorly marked location, unorganized start/finish, not enough parking or not enough portapotties…

all of the above for this RNR race..


Not enough water stops or water stops that run out of water.  Unappetizing Post-race refreshments or lack of.

another dud of a RNR race

Other Reasons:

  • Cost – Too expensive

racing in Vegas is fun but not cheap!!

  • Deferral policies – none or too expensive
  • Crowd Support – none or very little
  • Size – too big or too small

25k of my new friends

  • Knowing No One – not fun to run a race all alone

running solo in Fla.

Happy Running! Any other reasons to offer on why you would avoid picking a race? Which of the above, have you chosen? Please share.

18 thoughts on “Reasons Not to Choose a Race

  1. I don’t care about the post race food and drinks. I did also get lost on a bike course of a tri race that was not marked well. Like you, I like races that have easy policies including being able to pick up friends’ bibs.


    • Luckily I’ve enjoyed most of my races…of course there were just a few disappointing ones.

      Hope you start racing again soon…love your posts.


  2. I’m ok with little swag or crowd support — although of course both are always nice.

    Weather can play a big part for me, I’ve run so many really, really hot races that would have been so much ore enjoyable even if they had just been 10 degrees cooler (or lower humidity).


  3. I’ve run more than my share of races alone, so that isn’t a deal breaker for me. But chinzy swag–unisex shirts, a crummy finisher medal–that is enough to keep me from coming back. Poor organization? I also won’t be back. Great topic!

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  4. A lot of these are deal-breakers, and will keep me from returning in future years. I go to a lot of races with Barb and/or the hubby, but I’m all right going alone as well. That RnR Vegas pic always cracks me up…I look like a giant LOL

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