How Do You Pick Your Half Marathons?

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I have already run 40 half marathons (and 41st next Sunday)!! Crazy, huh?

So my topic today is: How Do You Pick Your Half Marathon?

1.For the BQ or PR Opportunity

Not that any 13.1 miles is easy but you deliberate;y pick a flat course or a downhill course.

Nothing wrong with wanting a good finish time (if that what matters and it does to many runners.)

not why I picked the Helderberg 2 Hudson Half but it was mostly downhill

2.For the Challenge.

This may be the reverse of #1 but you pick a race because of the elevations, the hills or you choose a trail or an Ultra race because you’ve never done one before.

not why I chose the Pelham Half but boy was it hilly

3.Because Your Friends Are Running It.

Racing is always more fun when you do it with friends. There is also FOMO. So you sign up for a race only because others are running the same one.

yes, that is why I ran the Wineglass Half

4.Because Of Its Location.

You run a race only because of its location.  50 Staters, this is you. (Seems nuts to me but many runners do want to run in all 50 states!?)

Or you choose a race because you live nearby, you are vacationing there already or you are there for work or a conference.

because my college roommate just bought a house near the Surf Town Half

5.For Its Scenic Views.

The difficulty of course does not matter at all. You run this race because of the mountain views or because you will be running along the ocean or over a famous bridge.

loved running along the ocean during the Asbury Park Half

Other Reasons:

  • Cost – Everyone loves a bargain.
  • Bling – Who doesn’t love a cool medal?

  • Swag – Hoodie instead of a shirt…yes!

  • Food – Ice cream post-race…I’m there!

I’ve mostly picked my 40 half marathons because of reasons #3 (I rarely race alone) and #4 (most of them are local or where I know someone living nearby.)

Happy Running! How do you pick your big races? Please share.

16 thoughts on “How Do You Pick Your Half Marathons?

  1. I pick them for all the reasons, except #1. Yes, I love downhill races, and often pick them, but there are so many other factors that I consider.

    Running a half in every state is a great way to see the country.


  2. Loved this, Darlene. I have picked races for all of the above reasons! Yes, even food. I often pick races because my friends are doing them. So much more fun going to a race with people you know.


    • I agree. It is more fun to race with a friend or two. You are lucky to have your hubby as a runner.

      And of course, food is important. There have been such great spreads for some of your races.

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  3. Such a good question! I definitely pick my races based on the location. I also look at the course, but if it’s a race I want to run, it doesn’t matter if it’s hilly or flat. There are also favorites that I return to time and time again.

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  4. I really don’t care about bling and have way too many shirts.
    My main considerations are the date and location. Friends, food and beer are second tier considerations.
    Scenery is nice but not a real driver of how I decide.
    I am one of those crazy people with ambitions to run a marathon in all 50 states.


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