Weekly Run Down for 2.10.20-2.23.20: Travelling Internationally

Quite a busy two weeks. First, I went to Bermuda with Cari for a vacation and a race or two. Then I ended the next week with a trip to Montreal with a friend.

Good thing, I had a passport already.

Last Two Weeks –

  • Monday – Lunch time chair yoga (the last one). I wish these classes would continue weekly.
chair yoga

yeah…I could do these on my own…but I won’t… I’m a NEED A CLASS kind of person

An after work run was planned…the weather did not cooperate all day (snow/rain/sleet) but stopped by time I went out to run. My friend Chris had to work late so I ran one loop and she joined me for the second.

drizzled for my first painful loop…felt better on the 2nd. Fairly comfortable temps (almost 40) so that is a win. 

  • Tuesday –  A before work PT visit. My last one before my next half marathon. More scraping, prodding and listening to me whine and complain.

Image result for ashley bertorelli PT green room

A rest day due to a hair appointment and needing to pack for my trip.

  • Wednesday – Early morning train to NYC.  I got there very early so took a stroll around Manhattan.

FYI: free bag check in Macys across from Penn Sta.

Then I took the LIRR from Penn Sta. to Jamaica where I took the air train to meet Cari at JFK for our evening flight to Bermuda.

We eventually arrived late that evening and took a shuttle to our hotel.

We discovered on that long shuttle ride that Bermuda is indeed hilly and that there are NO straight roads.

  • Thursday – I hadn’t run in a few days and I was anxious to get out there…and run in a skirt!!

But finding a place to run was no easy task. First we headed to Horseshoe Beach.

skirt weather..woo hoo!

Then along a railway trail that eventually led to Gibbs Lighthouse where we climbed to the top.

only 192 steps to the top

All that walking exhausted us so we spent the afternoon relaxing at the hotel pool

breezy and 70 degrees…warm enough for the heated pool and hot tub

before we took a bus to the Royal Naval Dockyard for dinner.

strolled the area and then ate at the Frog & Onion Pub

  • Friday – Since there was very little running the day before, we decided to attempt a run on the hotel golf course. Nope, hillier than the winding roads. But there was little time for exploring so we squeezed in a short one around the hotel grounds.

views were awesome …not the hills

After our run, we took the ferry (with some other runners) to spend the day in Hamilton. We explored the shops, streets and had a lovely lunch.

even found ibuprofen gel in a pharmacy (not sold in the US)

Then we took the bus back to the hotel. There was just enough time for a brief visit to the pool and meet up with friend and fellow blogger Marcia.

That evening was packet pick up and ZOOMA welcome party. Swag, drinks, hors d’oeuvres and new friends. So fun.

  • Saturday – A busy day planned and our only miserable cold, windy, rainy day. ZOOMA organized a trip to explore Crystal and Fantasy Caves. They were amazing. And so was lunch at the Swizzle Inn.

these pics don’t do it justice…you have to see them in person.

In the evening, we had our first race.  The ZOOMA Lighthouse Run.  It was still cold, windy and raining. Marcia, Cari and I decided to walk the 1.5 miles. We were soaked but arrived at Horseshoe Beach smiling.

yup, Cari & I accidentally twinned.

  • Sunday – The big day!!  An early bus ride to the start and then the ZOOMA Bermuda Half Marathon.  Both Cari and I were just running it to enjoy the scenery and collect our medal at the finish line.  I knew that my foot would hurt but I knew I could do it in pain. The course was breathtaking with hills and curvy roads open to traffic. It rained for one of the early miles and then the sun came out and the humidity rose. It was tough. No lie. But such a well run race. Everyone had a great time and we made so many new friends. The Pacers from OnPace rocked!

no race is complete without goofy medal pix on the beach

After the race, we had thought of visiting the town of St. Georges. Our legs and feet thought the pool and hot tub were a better idea.

In the evening we walked (ouch) to Henry VIII for a celebration dinner and thankfully took a taxi back to the hotel.

  • Monday – An early wake up to catch the shuttle to the airport to fly home to JFK and then I had to take the air train to the LIRR and a train back home!!

Exhausted but happy with my decision to race in Bermuda (even if it was off season.) Definitely would love to go back sometime.

  • Tuesday – Back to normal.  Work. Grey skies, cold temps, snow/rain. I decided to skip the after work run and ride the bike at the gym.

Image result for national drink wine day

It was also National Drink Wine Day so of course, I had to…I met a friend for a glass of red.

  • Wednesday – Early morning visit to PT.  I complained that my foot hurt just as much during my race as before I started seeing her. She recommended that I see another foot doctor.  Luckily I got an appt for that same afternoon. She gave me B12/cortisone shot, added a metatarsal pad and wrapped my feet. We talked about all the options (most of which are NOT covered by insurance.)
Image result for foot cortisone shot for neuroma

not my foot lol

Afterward, I wanted to go for a run. My friend Chris was sick so I had to run solo. Boo!!

windy but sunny…not much pain…but too soon to tell…

After the run, I met my BFF for a walk around the mall.

  • Thursday – Back to running after work in my usual location – UAlbany with Chris. Teens with the windchill…brrrrr!

Chris was ok but I forgot my hat, gloves, jacket…had to make due with what I had in my trunk

  • Friday – Lunchtime walk and after work gym biking before mah jongg.
  • Saturday – Montreal trip instead of my long run with the Sole Sisters. Yes, my friend and I decided to drive there because I wanted to see the interactive Van Gogh exhibit.

We left at 6:30 am and after a 3.5 hour drive, we checked into our hotel and walked to the exhibit. A much longer walk than I thought but the weather was beautiful and the exhibit amazing. 200 paintings on moving screens choreographed to music. So worth the drive!!!

No running today but 8.5 miles on the feet as we also walked to the Old City to have a delicious French dinner.

  • Sunday – I got up early to do my run…supposed to be 11 miles. The weather was even better than the day before. I ran to the river and along it. I could have run forever but my friend was waiting in the hotel. Only got in 4.5 miles.

Afterward we walked around town and went to the Barbie Expo (yes over 1000 Barbies in costume). Then we had another delicious French meal before we checked out of our hotel.

On the way out of the city, we drove up to Mont Royal to catch the views.

So lucky that the weather cooperated. Might have been the nicest we’ve had this winter.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday – AM PT, run
  • Tuesday –  run
  • Wednesday – rest day, gym
  • Thursday – run 
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg chez moi
  • Saturday – Long Run
  • Sunday – rest day

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28 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 2.10.20-2.23.20: Travelling Internationally

  1. OK, the Barbie show looks like fun! My husb has a trip to Montreal in June I was thinking of joining him on — looks like I should make it work. I can’t beleive you went for a run after having all that done to your foot. Since you have a lot of running and walking years ahead of you, I’d explore all options fot getting better, even if insurance won’t pay — although maybe that is appealable too?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SO MUCH SNOW. BUt I did some of the same route as you ran by the Wheel. Glad you had a fun end to your international whirlwind.
    I’ve had a cortisone shot before bt *shudder* at the foot one. How is the wrapping helping?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bermuda looked like a blast, I am so glad that your foot held up enough for you to run it. How did the cortisone shot help? I have not been to Montreal but we talk about going for a long weekend. I hear it’s a great city. You sure do get around! Thanks for linking up today

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I went to Bermuda as a kid. I asked my mom recently what possessed them to take the trip with us — most of our trips were up & down the east coast — she couldn’t remember. But I have fond memories from it.

    My one ZOOMA race was a cluster. But at least I got together with one of my HS BFFs afterward.

    You were very lucky with your weather this weekend, for sure. Sunshine makes everything better.


    • Bermuda is beautiful even if it was off season and kinda cold (not beach weather and many places were closed for the season).

      Sara bought ZOOMA and has made so many improvements. I loved the race and definitely want to do another ZOOMA race.

      Yes, this weekend was perfect for running. I had big FOMO about running with everyone on Sat. But the trip was planned so missing a long run won’t kill me.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hopefully, your dr visit helped your foot pain. You didn’t mention it as an issue with the run you did following, so fingers crossed?

    I have run a few ZOOMA races in Amelia Island, and it was ok. They have since reimagined the event and I haven’t tried the new one. I won’t be ready for this year’s either. It looked like the Bermuda race was fun. You packed in a lot during the weekend!

    And your second trip looked even more fun!


  6. I loved Bermuda more than I thought I would! We cruised there over 20 years ago and golfed a lot but that’s all I remember. It was awesome seeing you and Cari.
    It’s been a few years since I’d been to Montreal. Another great city. I went to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Loved it!
    Hope the new treatment helps your foot!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Amazing couple of weeks. Who knew Bermuda was hilly??? I certainly didn’t! Wish your foot felt better. I mean, I know how that goes and it sucks to have constant pain. but I run too. I mean, they can’t fix it and I refuse to stop because I can’t deal with that emotionally right now.

    I would love that Barbie exhibition!! Montreal sounds like it was lovely as well.


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