Runfessions for August

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

1. I runfess…

I was raced obsessed again this month. Three races but TWO races in ONE week!

  • August 14, a 5k in Brooklyn
  • August 17, a local 5k

(I came to my senses and DNSed a one mile race on Aug 19. Good thing, I was in NYC working on Aug 21 so I couldn’t run another 5k.)

Anyone else ever run more than one race in a week?

2. I runfess…

I am still confused on the shoe/foot issue.

One day the pain is gone. One day for no reason, it is back.

I’ve gone back to wearing my neutral Nikes for short distances. Sometimes they are fine. Sometimes not.

wore them for my 5k here

Then I added my insoles to my new Mizunos for long runs and they felt better…sorta.

10 mile run

Anyone wear different shoes for different distances?

3.I runfess…

Last month I bought a new Garmin, a 230 but I have yet to try it. Still doing my weekly runs naked and my races with my Garmin 205.

Anyone else hesitate to make technology changes or when you buy a new watch, do you use it right away?

4.I runfess…

Every year, my tennis friends and I go to NYC to see a Broadway show.

I do the organizing so I picked this show:

Image result for hadestown

won a Tony for best musical

and got group tix for October 5.

Yup, this 10k race is why I chose Oct. 5.

Do plan races when you visit another city? Anyone else running Grete’s Great Gallop?

5.I runfess…

I used to play tennis almost everyday and on numerous teams. Then running came into the picture and tennis no longer seemed to fit.

2010 was the last year that I seriously competed o a tennis team

I thought I didn’t miss it but I watched tennis at the Aurora Games and last weekend, I hung out with my tennis friends. And now the US Open is on TV.

Yup, I do miss it.

Has running replaced any other activity in your life?  Do you think that you will ever stop running?

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Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.


14 thoughts on “Runfessions for August

  1. I *do* run in different shoes, depending on the length. I have 1 pair that I just don’t love for long distances so I never wear those on a long run. I currently am running in 4 different pairs of shoes (on rotation) and I will adjust the rotation if it seems I am putting more mileage on 1 pair (it’s all a little odd, I know).

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  2. I think I had one week where I had a half marathon and a 5K on the same week, just a couple of days apart? And I’ve earned a couple of remix medals from RNR but I usually just wish I stuck with one race lol.

    I’ve always said I’d try to have different shoes for different types of running and then it never happens – I just buy one pair at a time and stick with the model I like until they discontinue it lol. I was wearing Mizuno Wave Riders for years and now I’ve switched to Brooks Ghosts, which I do like. I hope you get to the bottom of your foot pain 😦

    I hope I never stop running! I like doing other workouts but running will always be my favorite…I hope!

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  3. I used to run with one pair of shoes for my shorter runs and another for my longer runs. I wonder if you’re having issues simply because you are running more with marathon training?

    Also, I can’t believe you haven’t used your new Garmin yet! You’ll probably run faster with less weight on your wrist. 😉

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  4. Sorry the foot issue is still a thing. I’ve been using one shoe for shorter runs, but still haven’t figured out which shoe to use for the marathon – guess I better hurry up and decide, right?

    Running has definitely become a primary focus for me, and while I’d like to mix more activities in I’m hoping I never stop running!

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  5. I ran three races in one week in June. Never again. I think I’ll be right back into racing next year when I don’t have my run group, but those have scratched the itch this year. Those three races may again be the same week but if the middle one doesn’t have free shoes-which I haven’t yet owrn – I probably won;t do it. I like the Women’s Mini but find it expensive for a 10K as there’s a medal, so maybe would skip it. We’ll see.
    Shoes. Effing shoes. My 1080s are the only ones that are almost always pain free. Almost. I got through 4m today with my 860s with minimal pain so maybe also not shoe related.
    I usually can’t wait to try a new toy, watch or otherwise.

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