Weekly Run Down for 7.8.19-7.14.19: Just work, running and a 5k


I did not have to do any of my runs solo this week. Woo Hoo! And it was also WEEK 2 for NYCM Training. 16 more to go but who’s counting? LOL

Last Week

  • Monday – I was excited today to have company on my after work run. The rail trail was the most convenient for the four of us who chose to come. In order to run with my slower friends, I ran fast and then circled back. I was able to get an extra mile in that way and not be running alone the whole time.

that stretching was just for the pic lol

  • Tuesday Had a hair appointment so scheduled a rest day instead of a run.
  • Wednesday – A post work run at the Corning bike path. Since I had a 5k planned for Saturday, I decided to switch things around and run 6 miles today rather than my usual 3. I was very tempted to do some social running. There were several opportunities but with my work location and the traffic, I thought better of it. So glad my running friend Heidi joined me on this sweaty (90 degrees and HUMID) slogfest.

  • Thursday – Since I did not run with the running groups the day before, I decided to participate in a group (ARE) trail run today. Several of my running friends were planning to go as well. It rained most of the day and I hesitated plus I was a little nervous since I am not comfortable on trails.

I got there early and hiked around a bit. It was so pretty.

Eventually everyone arrived. I got introduced as a newbie to the trail run series this year. I also bumped into a old friend from tennis. Susie & I  ran together for about half of the course and then I lost her but made a new friend, Melanie, whom I chatted with and ran the rest. Yes I ran. I planned to walk but it was so fun. I can’t wait to go next week.

Afterwards a bunch of friends went out to dinner nearby.

my friend Chris’ pic

  • Friday – My usual rest day before a race day. Also my usual Friday night mah jongg game.
  • Saturday – Race Day.  Silks and Satins 5k – one of my favorite summer races. Unfortunately I was not feeling great but I had committed to go and so I went. I was glad that I did. However, the lack of shade and warm temps made me feel really nauseous the whole race. But I did my best (and didn’t puke 🙂 ) and even won my age group.

met up with a friend, made a new friend…looking forward to a re-do with my next 5k in August.

When the race was over, I was happy that I had already done my long run on Wednesday and could join my running friends for brunch.

  • Sunday – And of course, it was Boating Sunday on Lake George. And again the weather was perfect.

27 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 7.8.19-7.14.19: Just work, running and a 5k

  1. Wow congrats on winning your age group! That’s great. I can’t imagine doing a run after work in 90F. I would opt for the treadmill or a rest day. 😛


    • That’s why I took the pic – big boat=big float

      I do feel better. I think I may need electrolytes when it is hot in addition to water.


  2. I like Thatcher a lot, but it is a long drive for me, and someone had to keep an eye on Bandit, who couldn’t use the dog door with the ecollar on. I was also already very tired from a busy day.

    Hope to make it Thursday this week; not quite as far away.


  3. LOL “just”. You always get tons of stuff done in your weeks! You are amazing!

    I am so glad you are getting so much enjoyment out of your boating and lake days! Such a great pasttime!


  4. good week with some non-solo runs! I wish I had more friends who wanted to run with me! I can’t even run with SocialMile right now (they changed the “rules” and now you have to be able to run 7.5KM in one go in order to participate at 9.5KM per hour average. That’s not me right now). Only you could run a 5K not feeling well and still get first in AG!! way to go and good that you didn’t puke!!!

    Running is going… I wouldn’t say super well but I am trying! Currently in Week 4 of marathon training. My first upcoming race is the Helsinki Half Marathon. “Summer” is back to typical Dutch – grey, rainy, not hot, then hope is given to us by a couple of warm days followed by the grey cycle again. I did actually run with Runiversity last Friday to do intervals, and was happy to do so (for some reason running with a group makes it easier!).

    i love your stretching just for the photo picture! haha!

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