Weekly Run Down for 6.24.19-6.30.19: Truckin’ off to Buffalo


Besides my NYC trips (which I love), I have not been traveling much for work. But this past week, I was in Buffalo and of course, I ran along the water.

Last Week

  • Monday – I was expecting DOMS from Saturday’s HILLY race but there were none. It was warm but I had time for a quick SLOW loop around the campus before meeting my BFF for a walk around the mall.

met a fellow runner and we chatted for a long time so I only had time to grab a quick dinner – choose a smoothie (which is very odd for me).

  • Tuesday After a long RAINY drive to Buffalo, hotel check in and set up, I was able to get in a run. I had not been here in quite a while. I was great getting re-acquainted with Canalside.

It was still early so I did a lot of walking around downtown, as well.

  • Wednesday – After work, I ran back to Canalside (following a different route than the day before) and got in some scenic miles.

I’m not one to spend the evening in my hotel room so I decided to take a wine tasting sailboat ride on the Buffalo River. Of course, that meant walking back to the hotel (1.2 mi) to change and then back to Canalside.

perfect way to spend the evening…the wines were great and met some interesting people too

I then had to walk back to my hotel.  I did not run much in Buffalo but I did get at least 10 miles on my feet each day.

  • Thursday – A rest day due to the long drive home after work.

seen on my walk to work from the hotel

  • Friday – Decided to try running before work. Didn’t have time to drive anywhere but there is a trail behind my  house…

hot humid hilly and buggy but got to try my new trail shoes

  • Saturday – Back with my Sole Sisters for a long run. Well, not really long but longer than my 3 mile weekday ones. It was great to be back with the group. Even better was the coffee and donuts after.

There was predicted to be showers and thunderstorms but the hubby & I decided to go up to the lake anyway.  Good idea.  It never rained and the weather was perfect.

we actually hung out at 3 different island docks.

We planned to dock at one of the lakeside restaurants for dinner but they were all full so instead we ordered pizza in town and ate at the marina on our boat.

dinner view

  • Sunday – Finally the rain came. I didn’t mind at all (even got my weeding done) since I had lots of errands and housework to do.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 6.24.19-6.30.19: Truckin’ off to Buffalo

  1. It did rain here briefly. We changed things up and went out for lunch instead of dinner — that’s right, I remember, it rained before our late lunch. Mr. Judy thought about bringing the dogs, but because of the rain we couldn’t — didn’t last long though.

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    • Parts are nice and parts are not so nice. I do love the area by the river. I will not be going there anymore so I’m glad I took advantage of the area.


  2. Yay for no DOMS on Monday! And that statue of the girl/shark is a little freaky 🙂 I love coming across random things like that on a run. A wine tasting on a sailboat sounds like a lot of fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is freaky. I’ve seen that statue in the past and always wanted a pic with it and since it my last time working here, I decided to go for it as well as the cruise on the river. Glad I did both LOL


  3. Read that at first as getting your wedding done and wondered if you had always just referred to him as your husband but weren’t — that just came up with some friends.
    Love your shark friend!

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  4. Don’t the DOMS (or lack thereof) always keep us guessing? My last marathon (through the numerous hills of NC) left me with ZERO DOMS…and I was shaking my head all week following that tough race. Still haven’t concluded if I was so well-trained that all was well…OR if I should have given it a little more on the course (?). Oh well, Onward 😉

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