Weekly Run Down: 5.27.19-6.2.19 – A movie week and a race!


It was only a 5k and I hadn’t trained for it but it was a race that I always look forward to. I haven’t gone to the movies in ages and I saw TWO this week.

Last Week –

  • Monday – Day off for the Memorial Day holiday. Started the day with a 4.5 mile run with running friend Barbara. It was first time that we’ve run together since she broke her elbow in March. It was great catching up. No pics even though we did run/walk because I guess I was too busy talking and then when we were done, I bumped into an old running friend that I didn’t seen in awhile.

Spent most of the rest of the day outdoors gardening. Boy, do I love this sunshine and warm temps!

  • Tuesday – Rest day because I was belatedly celebrating my birthday with my BFF. We went out to dinner and a movie.
Photograph (2019 poster).png

definitely thought provoking and an interesting ending – I like foreign films for that reason

  • Wednesday – I went to the 2nd SOAR run after work. It was a trail run this week and I kept my fingers crossed for no rain (although I knew that it would be muddy.) It was a clinic and we learned HOW to run trails.  It was actually fun. Some of the runners quit after the first loop but I continued with a friend and it was more scenic than the first loop. Glad I did it (without trail shoes no less). Unfortunately my schedule is pretty full and I cannot participate in any of the Thursday trail runs in June. I know trail racing is not in any of my future plans but maybe I will become a trail runner.

  • Thursday – There was a club trail run that evening but I decided to instead run right after work close to home

hooray for sunshine on the Corning bike trail

and then head to the expo.

went at the perfect time and met so many friends there

  • Friday – Rest Day!!
  • Saturday – Race Day! Today I ran the Freihofer Run for Women, a 5k that I have run 12 times (every year). And it did not disappoint. The atmosphere is the best and I love spending the morning with friends.  The race itself is secondary.

not a PR. Not even a course PR but I was thrilled to have negatives splits, a sub 28 finish,  zero injuries and a post race brunch with friends.

The hubby & I thought that we might go to the lake in the afternoon but the forecast originally was for rain…that never happened (never believe the weather app). Instead, I did errands, cleaning, gardening and then we went out to dinner.

  • Sunday – Yesterday I had planned to run 7 miles. I ran 1 mile or so before the 5k race so that was only 4 miles. And I went out to lunch and dinner.  In other words, I needed to run today. I wanted to 7 but it was so warm and humid, I was glad to get in 5. I went out too late (and Barbara had already run) so I was solo on the trail with only my podcasts to keep me company.

I came home from the run (and the gym) and it had started to rain.  Instead of gardening, the hubby and I went to the movies.

Image result for Rocketman

not bad…not great. Bohemian Rhapsody was better.

23 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down: 5.27.19-6.2.19 – A movie week and a race!

  1. My big summer race was yesterday, but I have a few more “smaller” ones on tap. I’m getting my hair done on Thursday, too LOL

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  2. I feel like I would run the Freihofer Run for Women just for the cookies, lol. Great job on the negative splits and sub 28 min time – that’s amazing!

    Marcia had a similar review of Rocketman. I wanted to see it but maybe I’ll just wait until it comes to Redbox or Netflix.

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  3. I’m sad to hear that both you and Marcia were disappointed in Rocketman. I had such high hopes for it. Like you, I loved Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Congrats on the race! Cookies sound like a great race perk.

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  4. That trail running clinic sounds really cool! I’m definitely intimidates by the idea of running on trails so this sounds helpful. And I’ve been wanting to see Rocketman, I didn’t realize it was already out. I’ll have to try to find time for it.


    • Go see it. I’d like to hear what you think.

      I love outdoor running but I would never do a trail race…I’d fall and get hurt lol


  5. I think I run Liverpool these days because of the people, not the race itself! glad you had a good time again this year!

    and speaking of Liverpool, I’m sorry I missed your birthday! I was still in liverpool last week and am so far behind on what is going on with everyone.

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