Friday Five – Runfessions for February

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

I swear I just wrote these…times flies!!!

1. I runfess…

I always race with compression calf sleeves (even in the summer).  I also run all my long training runs with them.  So what was I thinking when I decided not to wear them during my recent half marathon??

It was warm, humid and raining. I thought about going back to my car to put them on and then in the end, I did not.

Do you wear compression sock or sleeves when you run?

2. I runfess…

Even though I experienced discomfort in my leg (either from not wearing compression during my half marathon or walking for hours in a garden after or climbing dunes on the beach), I ran while I was in NYC for work.  I did run slow and walk often. But I just couldn’t skip it.

Running injury meme

Would you run in NYC if you “might” be injured?

3. I runfess…

I had a long run scheduled for last Saturday.  A 10 miler. I always run with my running friends but none of them were free to run. I hate running alone so I skipped the run.  Yes, if they had been free I probably would have run even though I shouldn’t have.

However, I carb loaded (as If I ran those 10 miles) later at a birthday party.

Why isn't the answer to a running injury ever "Just keep running a lot; it will go away."

Anyone else ignore aches and pains when they have to train for a big race?

4. I runfess…

On Sunday, luckily I had signed up to volunteer at a local race.  Phew! I couldn’t race even if I wanted to.  I enjoyed it though I was freezing and worried that I would tell runners the wrong way to go.  Of course, I shared my running injury story.  Everyone had different advice.

Some said “Just rest.” Some said “See a Doctor.”  Some said “PT.”  Others said “Get a Massage.” Even some said “Sounds like nothing serious.”

Image result for running injury meme

Anyone ask other runners for injury advice? How do you decide whose advice to follow?

5. I runfess…

Rest is not something I’m good at. Who is?

So I was anxious to get this leg thing fixed and decided to take a coach’s advice and see a chiropractor to get ART. It’s a big deal for me who has never gotten a massage or seen a chiropractor or even foam rolled.

Image result for A.r.t active release techniques

I had my first session and have 3 more scheduled.  She seems to think that it was walking on the beach that strained overworked muscles and that it is not serious.

She worked on my leg as well as my lower back.

Fingered crossed that I can run again soon.  NYC HALF IS IN 3 WEEKS!!!!

Ever get ART? If so, did it work?

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Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.


28 thoughts on “Friday Five – Runfessions for February

  1. ha ha o the carb loading-doesn’t hurt to be prepared right?! I am hoping your injury is nothing serious and taking a short break will knock it out. My trainer does some ART on me and I really like it as well for maintenance. That and regular massage. I also do not do well w rest!


  2. I go to a chiropractor regularly but she doesn’t use ART on me. I find going regularly just helps things keep running, so to speak (which doesn’t mean you can’t get injured, of course).

    I’m quite good at resting. It’s more of a push, sort of, for me to be active. I haven’t run this week and I don’t intend to. Next week, probably, I’m not giving up running, just resting cause I know my body needs it. But I don’t have any more goal races at the moment — I could if I wanted to, but I actually think a little break is a good idea right now.

    Hope your leg is better. It must be worse than you’re letting on if you went to a chiropractor.


    • I only went because I wanted to try ART and I have a big race in a few weeks and then 3 more by the end of May. Otherwise, I would have just rested. ART is very painful unlike a chiro but Kristen Hislop swears by Kerri and Kerri says she can have me ready to run 13.1 pain-free. We’ll see.

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  3. I often wear compression sleeves for long runs (anything over 7-8 miles), and often times wear them for recovery (again, after long runs/races). I am on the fence if they do anything during my running, but I definitely know they enhance my recovery. Besides, they look badazz. I have run a few recent half marathons, though, without them and all went well.

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  4. Not familiar with ART, but hope it helps you as much as PT has me.
    I’m going to wear sleeves more with this Achilles issue as I think/hope it will be easier than the KT tape


  5. I definitely would blame the beach. Walking on sand is really tough. I am a huge fan of PT and ART and all the things that work on your muscles and tissue and get you fixed. 😉 My PT does Graston and ART. I ran in Philly when I had a fractured foot. I just couldn’t not run to the Rocky statue. 😛

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  6. I have never tried ART, but I also (knock wood) haven’t really dealt with any injuries. I’ve been trying to schedule massages at least monthly, but the guy I go to has very limited hours and books up quickly, so it’s hard to get in. I know I can try someone else, but he is phenomenal!

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    • Lucky you. This is my first pain lol
      never had a massage. but lots of runners swear by them. I’ve been cautioned not to now because it will make me feel better but not get to the cause of the injury.


  7. I’m sorry to hear about your leg! :[ I hope you’re better now! I don’t run very often and always forget to wear compression socks/sleeves but the orthopedist I’m working with swears by em’ whenever he runs!

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