Weekly Wrap for 1.21.19-1.27.19: Finding a place to run…


30 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 1.21.19-1.27.19: Finding a place to run…

  1. I wish we would have gotten more snow. I just saw that we have 9 sleds in our basement… we really need to get them out and use them!! Probably not going to happen this week with the low temps, but maybe next weekend. Good job on your workouts this week! Was the treadmill really that bad?? (signed, a treadmill lover)

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  2. We are going to warm up tomorrow BUT it’s because we are getting snow. I’m hoping to get out in the afternoon and get a few miles in. I’m in need of some fresh air! Nice week, Darlene. I admire your tenacity!

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  3. Isn’t it great having access to a college campus? The Grinnell College campus is four blocks from my driveway, and there’s a 1-mile “loop” I often run around the central campus. It’s always well-lit and (usually) the first place that gets shoveled/plowed when it snows.

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    • It is. I just can’t handle it. As I’ve said before, maybe if I owned one and I had a lot of distractions, I may be able to stand it but I enjoy the outdoors.

      From now on, I will just skip the run if I can’t run outside.


  4. You’re a beast! I hate that treadmill, too. I use it sometimes, but I can understand being incredibly annoyed if I felt FORCED to be on it.

    I don’t know how you managed. It was in the mid 30s on Friday (and even sunny) and the cold took my breath away. It was like a knife. It wasn’t bad enough to force me to the gym, but I was an unhappy camper.

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  5. Showing up is very important! No runner is going to win a loaf of bread by staying home! 😉 Congrats! It must have really been bad for you to run on the treadmill… I hope your weather is better this week. We even have a chance of flurries tomorrow. So rare. Thanks for linking!

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  6. seems it didn’t start off too promising (I hate the treadmill too) but eventually all worked out with the running! and you had some good downtime and social time as well. were you not feeling good mentally or physically Sunday? it’s good you showed up!!

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