Weekly Wrap for 12.17.18-12.23.18


22 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 12.17.18-12.23.18

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  2. Ooh, I’ll have to remember to look for the Starbucks Roastery next time I get to NYC. You packed a lot of running and funning in this week — love that you met up with Cari. 😉 Did you laptop die for real? Will Santa bring you a new one?


    • Yes it’s see fun meet another blogger IRL. The hard drive crashed and my stepson put in another but I lost everything on the old one. 😦


  3. So jealous of Billy Joel at MSG! He’s such an amazing performer and we love getting to see him in concert.

    Sounds like another fabulous week for you! Awesome that you got to meet anther IRL blogger!

    So glad your son was able to fix your laptop for you! It’s awful to be without that!

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  4. what a week! I’ve never seen Billy Joel but he’s on my list of “must see” !

    i’m not running so much. I ran yesterday and managed to fall AGAIN. at least this time on the right side. The left side was seriously beaten up (and still I sometimes feel where I bruised my ribs). Next race is in February… but with us you never know, could be in a few weeks on a whim 🙂

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