Friday Five: Winter Running Tips

It’s Friday so I’m also linking up with Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five linkup! Join in! Don’t forget to link back to your hostess and visit some other bloggers.

My Topic this week is: Tips for Running in the Winter

I must say that I HATE the cold.  I much prefer running in the heat but living in the Northeast, the cold arrives too soon and lasts too long.

I think that about sums things up.

Here are my Top Five:

1.Layers keep you warm but remember not to dress too warmly.  If it is 20 degrees, dress for 40. The bottom layer should be breathable.  You will sweat no matter how cold it is. My middle layer is usually a fleece vest and for the outside layer, I wear a windbreaker or light jacket.

The infographic below is very helpful:

or use this tool that will suggest what to wear, based on the info you input –

2. But wear enough to stay warm. I always wear tights with a skirt over them. I wear wool socks, gloves/mittens and a hat.  My head, hands and feet are what gets cold first.

3. If you run when it is dark (yes it gets dark so early in the winter), wear light colors, carry a flashlight or wear a head lamp and run where there are lights.

4. If it is snowing, wear Yak Trax or put screws in your shoe bottoms, go slower and watch for icy patches.

5. Don’t worry about fashion.

I usually care what I wear in the warmer months. But in the winter, not so much. I try not to spend much money on winter running clothes. I wear race shirts and old windbreakers.  I buy gloves at Walmart and tights at Target.

The important thing is to just get out and RUN!



Happy Running!  Do you like running during the cold weather months? Any other tips?


4 thoughts on “Friday Five: Winter Running Tips

  1. Although I don’t like winter or summer running, I’ll always take a colder run over a hotter run. But it would be nice to have some perfect running weather once in a while!

    I like my glittens (gloves/mittens) so that I can actually let my hands breath — after they’ve warmed up. They’re getting harder to find though. 😦


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