The (Re-Scheduled) Governors Island 5K Race Recap

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September 29, 2018 – 9:00 am

Back in August, my Russian friend Anna was in the US and we planned to meet up in NYC.

You wouldn’t expect me to go to NYC and not run a race, would you?  Actually, it was Anna’s idea not mine. She wanted to run a race with me and this race was happening the weekend of our meetup..

I’ve visited Governor’s Island once and I’ve always wanted to run there. So we both registered even though I didn’t know much about the race besides what was on the website:

THE RACE – This great midsummer’s race features a great course with world class views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Statue of Liberty, starts off with a ferry ride and features a great post-race party.

COURSE – We have an exciting new course planned that improves on the one we used last year. The 5K is one loop and the 10K is two loops.

AMENITIES – Bag check and toilets will be provided. Water and Gatorade will be available on the course, and bagels, spreads, fresh fruit and more will make up the usual great NYCRUNS post race spread to greet you at the finish line. Free finish line photos and video will be available on the results page. The giveaway for this race will be a great tech t-shirt*. *Sizes are guaranteed – if we don’t have your size at the race, email within two days of the race and we’ll ship your shirt to you a few weeks later.

RESULTS, AWARDS, FINISH LINE PHOTOS & VIDEO – Awards will be given to the top three male and female runners overall in each race. Age group awards in the 5K will be awarded to the top three in each the following age groups: 9 and under, 10-14, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70 and over. Finish line photos and video will also be available on the results page.

DIRECTIONS – There’s only one way to get to the island – the Governors Island ferry, and your ferry ride is included in your race registration.  You must arrive at the Battery Maritime Building at 10 South St. no later than 7:30 AM to check in and you must have your race bib.  The 4,5, R, and 1 trains are closest to the ferry terminal.

This was the same group that organized the Brooklyn Ice Cream Social 5k that I ran back in June and that was well-organized. So I was pretty psyched for the race.

waiting to board the ferry – no rain yet…

We boarded the ferry, got to the island….and…


Then we got the bad news.  THE RACE WAS CANCELLED!!!

And back on the ferry all the runners went.


So the race was re-scheduled for Sept 29 and NO REFUNDS!!!

I emailed them that I lived almost 3 hours away and would have to pay for a train and hotel room plus my friend lived in Russia!!

Their response was: No refunds!

So I wavered back and forth but signed up for the Sept 29 race.

As race time approached, I was thinking of skipping the race.

I had been in Montreal the weekend before and would be in France the following two weekends. Plus work travel during the week. Ugh!!

But I had paid for the race, had enough points for free hotel room (near the ferry) so I took the (cheap) Megabus to the city Friday night after work.

Luckily I had saved my bib from August and did not have to pick up a new one.  There was NO day of race pick-up.

So what to wear?

Last weekend, it was chilly.  So I packed my gloves, throw away shirt, jacket, arm warmers to be prepared.

Nope. I woke up to temps in the 60s already.

Still I thought that it wold be chilly on the ferry so I brought a bag to check my jacket but left my throw away at the hotel.

passed these on the way 🙂

sunrise on the East River

Getting to the ferry was no problem — just an easy 15 minute walk. I got there around 7ish and while waiting inside chatted with a runner doing her FIRST 5k.  So exciting!

The ride to the island was very short.  I wound up chatting with a Music teacher preparing to run a half in Disney and who had been at the cancelled race (he recognized my crinkled bib).

I arrived around 8 am and had an hour to stroll around the island.

It was relaxing not to rush to the start and I could check out the course — scenic with water views and pretty flat!!

tempting… but the line was long!

so many of the runners were wearing the race shirt

Eventually it was time to check my bag,…

use the bathrooms (there were real restrooms and tons of port-a-potties and then head to the start.

I lined up close to the front but not too close.

But as soon as we started, it seemed that for the first mile, EVERYONE was passing me by.

I had decided that I would enjoy the race as I did during my recent 5k in Montreal and especially since I had just run a half marathon less than a week before.

The course was one loop around the island so you had gorgeous views throughout. The biggest problem was that there was NO shade and it was very sunny.  I have run in warmer weather but for some reason, I was very warm. Even my legs were sweating in my compression socks.

The only water stop was around mile 2.  I supposed that it was placed there for the 10k because it was too late for this warm 5k. I instinctively grabbed a cup but just took a quick sip and tossed it.

As usual, I ran out of steam during mile 3. I was surprised because I didn’t think I was putting it all out there but maybe, it was because my legs were tired and/or I was very warm.

Still I was shocked when I approached the finish line and saw that I could have PRed.  But it was too late. (Watch me cross the finish line HERE)

checking my watch LOL

And happy with my time!!

I immediately ran into the runner running her first 5K and we congratulated each other.

Then I got some food.

a welcome surprise after the Montreal races.

There was an interesting outdoor art exhibit:

The first ferry back was not for another hour so I decided to re-do the course walking but in the opposite direction and cheer on the 10k runners who were still on the course (They had to run 2 loops).

Soon it was time to head back to Manhattan on the ferry.

After a quick walk to my hotel, a change of clothes, I hopped on the subway and spent a few hours meandering around the Village with fellow runner/blogger Cari before heading home It was a beautiful day and she was great company.

Back to my race:

I loved the course.  The weather was perfect.  I can’t believe that I hesitated coming to NYC for this race (yes, most people would think I’m crazy. But I’m a crazy runner!)

It didn’t hurt that I got an email telling me my finish time and that I won my age group.

NYCRuns personally engraves your award and mails it to you later.

I also realized that my finish time for this race tied my PR.  My 5K PR was gun time and this was chip timed. My chip time 5K PR was 27:01 (but I don’t know if that counts?)

Yes, part of me wishes that I had pushed more and gotten that PR.  At the time, it never crossed my mind for this race.  But I’m not getting any younger. Someone please tell me to do speed drills and get that 5k time lower before it’s too late.

Mile Splits:

mile 1 – 8:54
mile 2 – 8:52
mile 3 – 9:03
.14 – 9:03

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m linking up with these wonderful ladies:

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Happy Running! How is your running going this fall? Any recent races? Ever had a race cancelled due to weather? Do you train for a 5K PR or do you just race for fun?

15 thoughts on “The (Re-Scheduled) Governors Island 5K Race Recap

  1. what a huge weather difference from the cancelled one to the rescheduled one!!! and you did it again! congrats! I would have definitely gone to do this race, though I tend to not really do 5K’s at all. my coach and others have actually suggested that I do shorter distances and then train a hell of a lot of intervals. I bet if you did speedwork you could totally break your PR!

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  2. Funny to read this having just run GI yesterday (thanks for link, somehow i never commented). The way too early ferry isn’t a COVID thing, interesting. By the time we were on our second lap, 5K runners were lining up for the ferry. Thought it was odd, but then realized there wasn’t anything open yet so we ended up doing more or less the same.

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