Weekly Wrap for 5.14.18-5.20.18: Race Week


  • Monday – I was supposed to have jury duty but I didn’t have to appear today. So I was able to attend Week 9 of the Freihofer Training Challenge group run. Being a taper week for me and having run 12 miles in the previous two days, I hesitated going and definitely about doing the Advanced speed workout. So I went and ran with the beginner group. A slow easy 3.5 miles. Just perfect. And I got to run and chat with a friend Denise who has been injured and I haven’t seen in ages.

  • Tuesday -Again I didn’t have to report for jury duty. So I was able to play tennis after work.  Rest day for running (after running 3 days in a row and besides it was raining. My tennis lessons over vacation must have helped but we won both sets.
  • Wednesday – Finally reported for jury duty. I did take a long walk to the court instead of paying for parking or taking the bus. Not selected as a juror because I asked to be dismissed (chose to report again in Dec.) But no running again due to a hair appointment.

I missed Tulip Fest due to rain and these are past prime but still beautiful

  • Thursday – Back at work and because I was in town, I had signed up with my co-workers (as I did last year) to participate in the Workforce Challenge. Ten thousand runners in a 3.5 mile race downtown.  Crazy, right with a half marathon in two days!? So to make sure that I didn’t race, I didn’t wear my watch.  And I met someday who works upstairs from me who wanted a running partner to get her through the race. She’s much slower than me so it was perfect. We chatted and chatted and dodged the walkers. I may have finished 10 minutes slower than last year but who cares?
  • Friday – Took the bus to NYC with my running buddy Sue and subwayed to Brooklyn to check into our hotel, go to the expo and get ready for race day. That included a delicious pasta dinner in Coney Island.
  • Saturday – Race Day. Brooklyn Half Marathon. I had been looking forward to this race for years. Not as a goal race but for the experience. Running around Prospect Park and finishing at Coney Island. What was not in the plan was the RAIN!! Cold pouring rain and wind. It was so bad that Sue quit after mile 5 and took the train home. I persevered and finished. The last 4 miles were painful but I didn’t succumb to hyperthermia.

not my best nor my worst but at least fast enough to qualify for 2019 NYC Half.

Alone in the city on a rainy day so I opted to have a nice lunch and go to the movies.

Image result for book club movie

  • SundayRest Day. We were hoping for boating weather but the nope, rainy  Instead we did go out to a nice brunch to celebrate both of our May birthdays (and both qualifying for Medicare.)

This Coming Week

  • Monday –  train to NYC for work, 4 miles 
  • Tuesday  rest day
  • Wednesday – 3 miles or Al Goldstein 5k (in Brooklyn)
  • Thursday3 miles
  • Friday – rest day. train home
  • Saturday –  6 miles
  • Sunday – rest day, boating?

Please link up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by these wonderful bloggers Holly @ HoHoRuns and Wendy @ Taking the Long Way Home

Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Anyone ever have jury duty?  What about running a big race in the rain?


38 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 5.14.18-5.20.18: Race Week

  1. I’ve done big races with some rain, but luckily not the entire race. So far, anyway. Cold rain is never fun. 😦

    So I guess you’ll be running the NYC Half next year?

    How was Book Club? Looks like a fun movie!


  2. Good for you, running that Brooklyn half in the rain. I bailed on my half today. It was rainy, cold, and windy. We just weren’t feeling it. And now I’m having huge regrets….

    Looking forward to your recap!


    • I would have been tempted to bail if my friend did but at least she started the race.
      There will be other races. And yours was local, right? Don’t beat yourself up about it.


  3. Those tulips are still beautiful! I didn’t know the Brooklyn half was a qualifier for the NYC half. Congrats on that! It’s so hard to run in the rain (and cold and wind). Kudos for pushing through to the end. It’s pretty cool that races finishes at Coney Island. I may need to put this one on my list! Thanks for linking.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not a qualifier. I think for my old age group I have to finish a certified half under 2:12 to get in.

      You should run it on a sunny day.


  4. Ugh sorry your half was rainy. Not fun. I ran a half where it was 35 degrees at the start and began pouring as we waited in the start corrals. Rain, wind, sleet, it was awful. Yay for Medicare! Hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

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