Five Five 2.0: Racing. A Lot.

It’s Friday so I’m linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup! Join in! Don’t forget to use the new FIVE MINUTE format, link back to your hostesses and visit some other bloggers.

I will be racing a lot. Like every weekend. I could go on and on about why I love to race but with this new Friday Five (5 Minute) format I’ll get right to it:



Sometimes, it’s just a shirt but lots of times, it is a bag, water bottle, food samples, key chain, and other running-related goodies.



Many of my running friends, I have met at races.  It is so fun to see a familiar face at a race and chat…about running, of course.


I love to eat especially to replenish the calories burned during running.

Sean's Run with Mary


I am the first to admit it.  I know that I should, but I don’t do speed drills, tempos, intervals, hill repeats, strides, etc.  So for me, I guess my workout happens during a race.  I’ll do those hills, run sprints and then, if I am scheduled for a long run, I’l continue my miles after the race at a slower pace.


When it is cold, windy and just plain nasty and I don’t feel like running, if I have a race scheduled for the weekend, I will make myself get out there and run. I know if I don’t run during the week, then my finish time will suffer, I may get injured and/or the race will be unpleasant.  It takes a long time to get in shape and such a short time to feel out of shape.

Happy Running! Do you run a lot of races? If not, why not?  Any other reasons to share if you do? 


24 thoughts on “Five Five 2.0: Racing. A Lot.

  1. When it comes to racing, frequent is relative. To some of my friends, I do race frequently. To others, obviously, I don’t.

    I enjoy racing. It pumps you up. But I also don’t want to do it all the time. Different strokes for different folks.


    • I agree. That’s what is great about running. You can do it at whatever intensity you desire. Yes frequent is relative as is speed.

      I may think I race a lot but you know that there are others who run half marathons every weekend without blinking an eye.

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