Weekly Wrap for 4.9.18-4.15.18 – Here, There and Everywhere…


Work in NYC and then work in Buffalo and then back home.  Another busy travel week and a sad week.  We said good-bye to one of our cats.

Last week – 

  • Monday – I was in NYC again for work but no time to run since I had to catch the train to get home.
  • Tuesday – Today included a LONG drive to Buffalo but at least I was able to squeeze in a short run after I arrived.

4 cold but sunny miles

  • Wednesday – Another rest day due to having to drive home after work. Besides it was raining.
  • Thursday – A day off from work but a busy one.  In between errands and a hair appt, I did manage to get in a run. In the rain. At least it was 50 degrees.

3.5 wet miles at The Crossings where yes, there is a pine tree decorated for Christmas all year round.

  • Friday – I was planning on a rest day but it was sunny and 60 degrees.

surprise – an outdoor fitness center LOL

  • Saturday –Finally a Rest Day. More catch up stuff and a knitting afternoon with friends. But unfortunately, one of cats died suddenly this morning.  He was fine and then he wasn’t.  We took him to the vet the day before and they could find nothing wrong. We (especially the hubby) will miss him!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SundayRace Day – Delmar Dash, a local 5 miler. I really wasn’t in the mood to race and the forecast was for freezing rain but happily although it was chilly, there was no rain.  I dedicated the race to my cat and ran it with tears in my eyes. I managed to muster up enough emotional strength for a PR and a 3rd place AG group award (my first for this race).

17 sec PR but still a PR… (Recap coming soon!)

I had planned on running 4 miles after the race.  I added warmer clothes but had to cut it short at 3 miles. I had errands, taxes and many things to do.

This Coming Week

  • Monday drive to Rochester, 3 miles
  • Tuesday – 4 miles
  • Wednesday – rest day, drive home
  • Thursday 3 miles, dinner out with tennis friends
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • SaturdayBacon Hill Bonanza 5k + 7 miles
  • Sunday – rest day

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Has spring arrived where you live? Please share.


37 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 4.9.18-4.15.18 – Here, There and Everywhere…

  1. So sorry about your kitty. I didn’t realize it was so sudden. Glad you were able to race — and win — in his memory. You do so great fitting in so many runs with your travel.

    Liked by 1 person

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