TOTR: Favorite and Least Favorite Things About Spring Running

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Today’s TOTR Topic is: Favorite and Least Favorite Things About Spring Running:

I am a fair weather runner so obviously I do not enjoy running in snow, sleet, freezing rain, etc.  In other words, not in the winter!!

Favorite Things:

  • Dry Places to Run

With all my running paths free from snow and ice, I can vary where I run.

Corning Bike Path

Zim Smith Bike Path

  • Pretty Scenery (Trees, Flowers, Green Grass…)

  • No More Tights, Capris, Gloves and Jackets (Yes to Tanks and Skirts…)

  • Abundance of Races to Choose From

Least Favorite Things:

I almost wrote here: NOTHING!  But if I have to add something, it’s:

  • Rain

  • Missing My Running Groups Due to Work Schedule

I signed up for the 10 week Freihofer Training Challenge and I can only go to 4 Mondays.  I had to decline from mentoring the STEM runners as well as the GOTR program.

missing the STEM runners

  • Races Scheduled on the Same Weekend

First world problem, I know.

Happy Running! What do you like or dislike about spring? Please share.?

11 thoughts on “TOTR: Favorite and Least Favorite Things About Spring Running

  1. I’ll tell you what I don’t like about spring running–the weather can change in the blink of an eye! I ran an April race in Chicago a few years ago. It was 65 at the start. Then the wind shifted off Lake Michigan and the temperature dropped to the 40s. We were freezing at the finish!

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