Friday Five 2.0: Girls Weekend 2018

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I have traveled to California (2011, 2013, 2014) and Vermont (2015, 2016) to run races with one friend.  I have also spent a weekend in Philly (2014), Panama City Beach (2016), Corning, NY (2017) and Las Vegas (2108) with several other women to run a half marathon.  Each of these weekends was So.Much.Fun!!!

So what will it be for 2018?

Image result for rnr montreal

September 23-24, 2018

It’s early but we’re getting the party started…

My topic for today is Five Reasons to Take a Girls Weekend Race-cation.

1. Training Support


Heidi, Adrienne & I training together for 2014 race weekend in Philly

When you are training for the same race, you get support for your runs and race goals either in person or virtually.

preparing for the Wineglass Half in 2017

2.  Cost Savings


Lisa & Andrea – my roommates whom I had never met before the weekend in Philly

It is definitely cheaper to share a room with friends than staying in a hotel solo or with your hubby.

Holly graciously offered her home to 7 running bloggers – most of whom she has never met in person for the Panama Beach Half in 2016

Marcia was my roomie in LV.

3.  Visiting New Places


even in the rain, we visited all the sites of Philly

I love to travel and explore new cities.  I had never been to Panama City Beach or Corning, NY before my weekend there for a race.  I am especially looking forward to Montreal to experience their French culture (and since I haven’t been there in many many years.).

awesome sunsets in Panama City Beach

sightseeing on the way to Corning

4. Sharing Your Racing Experience With Others


I have raced most of my 29 half marathons alone.  I have enjoyed each one but not nearly as much as the ones in Philly (in spite of the rain), Panama Beach, Corning and Vegas.  And none of these were PRs!!!

All 10 of us at the Wineglass expo

I am sure the same will be true for our Montreal girls weekend (we have 6 definites so far).

5. Forging New Friendships


Andrea & I at VCM relay

The Philly group has kept in touch on Facebook.  I have bumped into Andrea at several races.  We had planned another race-cation with Lisa but ZOOMA Cape Cod got cancelled.  We still hope that another will happen in the future.

I also keep in touch virtually with my Panama City Beach buddies.  Some of us repeated this racing experience in Vegas.  I hope to run another one with them in the future.

Many of us going to Montreal also ran the Wineglass race in Corning last year. But we always encourage newbies to join the group.

Don’t eating and racing go together?

Happy Running! Have you ever taken a Girls Weekend Race-cation? Do you have one planned for this year?




39 thoughts on “Friday Five 2.0: Girls Weekend 2018

    • I’m all about the race-cation, obviously.But I leave the hubby home. For me,it’s more fun being with just ladies.

      Your retreat with Jan should be fun. Feel free to join all of us in Montreal, there’s a 5k and a 10k too.

      I love going to Fla in the winter (even though training here is a PITA. Next year I’m hoping to do the west coast and run with Jan & Judy Lynch. I will most likely run the Music Half again (or one of the others) in Sarasota. I’ve changed my mind about repeats.

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  1. Awww I love this so much! I consistently travel with my bestie but she’s expecting her first baby in May so no traveling for us this year. Well, maybe in October… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Now that I’m running for fun and less for finish times, I’m enjoying meeting up with other runners too! We’ll see what the rest of the year holds for me.


  3. As you know we do plenty of racecations with our running buddies, but we allow a few men, LOL. I bet doing an all-female one would be really cool; your trips look like they are so fun!


  4. I did a girls race-cation for my first marathon. A good friend of mine and I trained on a charity team for the Maui Marathon, but the rest of the team dropped out a few months before race day. We stuck it out and completed our first marathons together in paradise!!!

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  5. Last year I went to Utah to run a half marathon and met up with Mary Beth, Marcia, Theresa, and Judy. It was a fun weekend! I’ve also done a few other half marathons with other friends. Those are always fun because at least you have someone to hang out with during the weekend. And yes it helps with expenses. So far I have nothing planned for this year. I am going to Denver in October so hopefully someone will join me.


  6. If I did more running, I’d definitely look into doing racecations! They really do sound like they’d be a lot of fun! :] As it is, I try to do mini day/road trips with friends and throw in hiking or some kind of outdoor explorations! :]

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