Friday Five 2.0 – Am I up for a challenge?

SupermanLie face down with arms out in front of you. Lift your arms, chest, and legs simultaneously.

Superman Lift

Squat – Stand with feet slightly wider than your hips with toes and knees pointing forward. Raise your arms in front of you, parallel to the ground. Squat down like you would be sitting in a chair until your knees are bent at a 90˚ angle. Rise up and return to standing position.

Buns GIF

Russian Twist – In a seated position. Lean back until you feel your abs engage so you’re in a V-position. Clasp your hands in front. Twist to the right side and return to center.  Repeat to the left side.

I am not one for doing ANY type of exercise.

Let’s face it. I am LAZY!!

But I decided to give this one a try.



Everyone else is doing them!! Check it out on IG! Just want to be part of the “cool” crowd. lol

2. You don’t have to go to a gym.

I don’t have a gym membership.  I don’t have the time to go and I travel for work.

3.  You don’t need any equipment.

I don’t own any exercise equipment.  If I did, it would be a waste of money, anyway.

4. Protecting my back.

I sit all day at a computer at work.  I also drive for hours at times.

My back is one part of my body that aches when I sit in a certain chair/seat (at the movies, in some cars).

5. Strengthening my core.

Yes, I’ve heard it a zillion times that for runner, it is important to a have a strong core.  But also as I age, I know that I need to have a stronger core to help with posture and balance.


So I’m on the third week.

And yes, I find them very difficult. Especially the squats because of the hardware in my left ankle. And Superman?  I can barely get my arms & legs off the ground.

And I don’t do them in one shot.  But I do them most of the time.

Thanks to Rachel @Running on Happy for setting up the challenge.

And since it’s Friday so I’m linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup! Join in! Don’t forget to link back to your hostesses and visit some other bloggers.

Happy Running! Anyone else participating in this challenge? Which exercise is the hardest for you?

10 thoughts on “Friday Five 2.0 – Am I up for a challenge?

  1. Woo hoo! Good stuff Darlene. There are lots of benefits from a strong core! Especialaly if you sit all day, at a desk, driving etc. Has it made a difference to your running?


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