Weekly Wrap for 1.1.18-1.7.18 – Baby, it’s cold outside…


Last week – 

  • Monday –  New Year’s Day.  I was supposed to race but it was cancelled due to the cold temps. It got up to -8 and that’s not wind chill. So I waited until it warmed up. It was sunny and warmer but the wind chill just made it unbearable. Not the 6-7 miles I was hoping for but at least I didn’t resort to the treadmill.

  • Tuesday – A rest day because I was scheduled to play tennis in the evening. If you remember from last week’s post, the gym there was closed due to renovations. Well, it opened early and there was an available treadmill. Enough said.

the longest slowest 3 miles ever!!!

  • Wednesday – A scheduled rest day due to a long drive to Buffalo for work. After set up, I decided to give the treadmill another go. No improvement!!

This was at the hotel.

  • Thursday –  A rest day and yes, I am adapting to my new go with the flow running schedule.  No running and a long drive home after work. 5 hour drive became a 7 hour drive due to a mid-drive snowstorm.
  • Friday – I planned on a short run before Mah jongg but it didn’t happen. It was too cold and snowy outside and I couldn’t face the treadmill for the 3rd time in one week.
  • Saturday – I’m hardcore but it was even too cold for me (-25 windchill) to brave our arctic temps. One of the Wineglass ladies offered me a guest pass to the Y where I ran on the indoor track. Not a fan but at least I got in some miles. Afterward four of us met for brunch.

it was even more delicious than it lloks

  • Sunday –  An exciting day in NYC with a friend. In addition to the holiday windows (displayed for the last day), a delicious lunch, we had tickets to see the Downton Abbey Exhibit and it was amazing!!

We bundled up appropriately and din’t mind walking around the city.

Next Week

  • Monday 4 miles
  • Tuesday rest day, tennis
  • Wednesday –  4 miles, mall walk with BFF
  • Thursday 3 miles, dinner with a former co-worker
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday6 mile run
  • SundayHMRRC Winter Series #2 (3.5M) race

Please link up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by these wonderful bloggers Holly @ HoHoRuns and NEW host Wendy @ Taking the Long Way Home

Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Any snow yet?? How are dealing with the frigid temps? Please share.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap for 1.1.18-1.7.18 – Baby, it’s cold outside…

  1. I won’t even comment on the temps down here …besides, we are warming up quite a bit this week. I can’t help but giggle at your treadmill comments. I have a friend who just completed a marathon in Minnesota yesterday ….indoors, on a track!! Yes, it’s a real thing. They count your laps …150 laps! That’s just insane!! Heck, 5 miles on an indoor track is pretty impressive to me ..how many laps was that??


    • We are warming up too. -5 yesterday and 20 today! WooHoo!

      I like the fresh air. Indoors is so stifling!

      I didn’t count but my I used the distance on my iphone. Who cares if it is accurate.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kudos to you for getting in that many miles when temps are so cold. I hope that track was at least big enough so you didn’t get dizzy. I ran on one years ago that was I think 5 laps/mile and it was a real test mentally.


  3. You on a treadmill? Ok, I get the reality of how cold it truly was up north. LOL. I’ve always wondered about those indoor tracks. Did you feel the need to turn around and go in the other direction? Would they even let you do that? I hope you are able to get outside this week. Thanks for linking!


    • Extreme times call for extreme measures. It was more darkness and no where to run that forced me on the treadmill. It was awful.

      Unfortunately you can only run in one direction around the track.

      And yes, this week, I am running outside!!!!!!!!!!!!


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