Ultimate Coffee Date – January

Confessions of a Mother Runner

It’s that time of the month…

to join up with Coco & Deborah for their ultimate coffee date.

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that as you may know, I HATE running on the treadmill.  I have successfully dragged myself out during the warmest part of the day (after work).  The problem is that it has been so cold that I can’t stay out long. I am worried that this will be one of those winters.  How will I ever do a run longer than 3 miles?? I do have to train for a half marathon in March!!!

Image result for running in the cold meme

Any advice on staying warm during the run?

I only lasted about 30 minutes.

Over coffee…

(related to above) I’d tell you that I was traveling for work and it was impossible to run anywhere. So I did run on the hotel treadmill.  HATED.EVERY.SECOND.

I can’t run fast and I can’t run long and it’s so hot.  I could go on and on.

How do you ladies do it?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I am trying to plan my 2018 races … at least the half marathons. I ran 6 halfs in 2017.  Not sure I want to run that many this coming year but we’ll see…

Singer Island Half on March 17, 2018

I registered for the one above. I booked my flights, contacted my friends so I have places to stay and booked my hotel for the night before the race.

I have my flight booked for Oct 6 to Paris but race registration for the race below doesn’t open until Feb 14.

Les 20km de Paris – October 14, 2018

Then there’s a RnR race.  Registration isn’t open for that one yet but I do have a hotel booked for the night before.
Image result for rock n roll montreal

September 23, 2018

I am still looking for a race in the spring and/or summer.Any inexpensive suggestions?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that related to the above, I can’t decide on my May half marathon. I am wavering between three:

Brooklyn Half Marathon – it’s on my bucket list, my friend Sue wants to do it but it’s on a Saturday (I work Friday), I have to work in NYC the Monday after, it’s my hubby’s B-day weekend & boating….


Steel Rail Half Marathon – it’s driveable and my current half PR but I ran it last year and would be running it alone


Jog for Jugs Half Marathon – it’s nearby and a new race but it’s on a course that I can run on for free (not too exciting).

So which one??

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I had worked in NYC for three weeks in a row.  But since I don’t go back until February, my friends and I planned a day trip there for tomorrow.

Image result for downton abbey exhibit nyc

so excited to see this

Anyone love this show?  One of my favorites ever.

Over coffee

I’d tell that I was excited about working in Liverpool where there would be lots of lights where I normally run.

Image result for lights in Onondaga lake state park

Well, the lights don’t go on until dusk and they close the park at dusk.  Yup, they wouldn’t let in to run.  You had to pay $10 to drive your car through.

I thought about sneaking in (and might have if I had brought my knuckle lights.)

Would you have?

Over coffee

I’d tell you that I did it again. Saw a race on Facebook and on a whim, just clicked “Register.”

The deciding factor was that it only cost $30 for the half marathon.  I am working on talking my BRF into doing it with me. If I DNS, it’s not a lot of money wasted.

Pelham Half Marathon – November 24, 2018

Anyone else just register and then think?

Happy Running! Got anything to spill? Share it here!

46 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date – January

  1. A $30 half marathon?? Of course you had to register!!

    I am impressed that you ran on the treadmill – I hate doing that, it feels like a mile takes much longer than when I’m running outdoors. Good on ya for getting any running in with your frigid weather…I hope this winter isn’t shaping up to be a harsh one, because yeah, training for that March half is going to be a bigger challenge than usual.


  2. I want to watch Downton Abbey! We canceled NetFlix. I’ll look into other options. There is a FREE half marathon 90 miles from me tomorrow. Nope, not going. Who am I? Truth be told, my next one is my 50th and I wanted a little more fanfare than a free running club race. #shallow.


    • My next is my 30th. It will be in Florida and I’m hoping for warm (not too warm) weather.

      Passing up a free half…such will power.

      I started watching DA from library rented DVDs. I don’t have Netflix.


  3. My favorite race, Dam to Dam (yes, you’ve probably heard me mention it before) starts with $35 registration to the first 500 runners (or maybe it’s the first 1000?), then it goes up in increments. I’ve always been in the early bird crowd, so I’m not really sure what the “highest” price is for it LOL


  4. I’d be all in for a $30 half! I signed up spontaneously for the Shamrock Shuffle when there was a one day $39 special. Of course, no one I know is doing it but hopefully people will jump in as it gets closer.


  5. I am thankful I did not pull the trigger on a spring marathon cuz this cold makes running long tough. Good on you for running on the mill. I know it sucks if you’re not used to it.


  6. wait… you are going to do the Paris 20K?? Hmmmm. It’s not so far for me, maybe I can do that one… I have no fall races at all planned at the moment!

    I also hate the treadmill. I don’t know many who actually like it!!

    I have never seen a single episode of Downton Abbey… BUT… I’m just really far behind on series in general. We only recently started watching American Horror Story (on the 3rd season now) and Suits (season 2). So ask me in 5 years, maybe I’ll have started it haha!

    I generally don’t register for races on a whim. I’m too much of a control freak for that!


  7. haha, I’m definitely not a fan of this cold either. :[[ Good luck to you on your races this year! The Singer Island one looks like it’s going to be super pretty


  8. HAte the cold. Hate the treadmill. I am thankful that it is not going to last long for me heere in Florida. Looks like a lot of great races for you this year, good luck.


    • Yes I heard about your cold temps and I have been there when it’s cold. Hope the rest of your winter is nice. Where in Florida do you love?


  9. I’ve spent a lot more time on the treadmill this year than I usually do. I’ve totally perfected reading on it though, so it’s a nice time to catch up on whatever book I’m reading. I’m not a tv or movie person, so I’m happy I have figured out how to read.


  10. We have had unprecedented cold weather here…even for Maine!!! The Singer Island Half looks AMAZING!!! I need to check into this event 🙂


  11. Thinking about your comments te the treadmill. I guess there would be many benefits to you running on a tredmill for the winter, given that it is below freezing all day and you have a marathon to prepare for. So sorry to say this Darlene but it’s time to train your brain too! Tell yourself how much you love that treadmill, how it is helping you to maintain fitness and achieve your goals. Maybe pop an iPad on there and watch a box set of downtown abbey! Find something to love about treadmill running and embrace it! You can do it if you want to😁 why be miserable when you can be happy? It’s only a bit of lighthearted opinion so please don’t take offence! Good luck with the winter marathon prep!


    • I was thrilled that I even ran 3 miles on it. That’s more than I did all of 2017.

      I listen to a podcast but it’s just so hot. I don’t own a treadmill so I can’t control the tempos and there are only two mills but so far no one else is using them.

      The temps are now above zero so you will probably see me outside and I can stop complaining about how I HATE the treadmill.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have my own now, I keep it in the garage where it is cold, so I always start out wrapped up and end up shedding a layer! Once I’m outdoors though I’m fine, apart from heavy down pours I can usually find something to enjoy! But then it is rare for us to get temperatures lower than minus 5 so it’s never really that bad😊


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