Ultimate Coffee Date for March & Friday Five

It’s that time of the month…

Starbucks Coffee City Mug Collection- Florida, 16 Oz Cup

time to join up with Coco & Deborah
for their ultimate coffee date.

Where I live, we’re in the middle of winter so it’s HOT coffee in the morning before work and red wine in front of the fireplace at night. I am still savoring the memory of the warm weather from when I was in Florida last month (hence the mug lol).

1. Over coffee/wine…

I’d tell you that my award from my October 28 race recently arrived. Better later than never! AG awards always brighten up my day. I put it on my desk at work.

Do you get excited about age group awards? Do you display them somewhere visible?

2. Over coffee/wine…

I’d tell you that I am honored to be selected for this list:

Be sure to check the site out to see which other blogs are listed and if your blog fits the criteria (you are a runner over 50 years old), submit your blog’s URL:


Have you heard of this list? Are you listed or will you submit your blog (if you are senior enough) to it?

3. Over coffee/wine…

I’d tell you that I have used Daily Mile to track my miles since I started running in 2008.  As of March 20, they are shutting down!!!

as of Feb 20, 2019 – love the donut stat

I am looking into other sites/apps so I don’t have to manually put my miles into Excel.  I don’t wear a watch except when I race so I can’t just sync it all.

I’m thinking of using RunningAHEAD or Strava. Both are free and easy to use.

Anyone else use Daily Mile? How do you keep track of your miles?

4. Over coffee/wine…

I’d tell you that I am VERY nervous about my next Half Marathon.  It’s my 35th but it will be the first one without much running going into it due to resting my leg because of a possible injury. (Actually my 2nd, I walked most of one in 2011 for the same reason.)

Image result for racing with an injury meme

Have you run a half marathon with a injury or recent injury?

5. Over coffee/wine…

I’d tell you that yesterday they announced the lottery winners for the NYC Marathon.  I know of 3 local runners who got in.  Sad that my neighbor and my running pal, Sherry, did not.

Of the 117,709 applicants who registered for entry, ONLY 10,510 were accepted. So glad that I made the decision to accept my guaranteed entry.

Who else got in yesterday?

Though it’s not until November, I have started getting excited about my first marathon.

Any other recommendations for things to purchase on Amazon? lol

It’s also Friday so I’m also linking up with  Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five linkup! Join in! Don’t forget to link back to your hostess and visit some other bloggers.

Happy Running! Got anything to spill? Share it here! What are you drinking to stay warm?

39 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date for March & Friday Five

  1. I love a motivational movie: some of my favorites (not necessarily about marathons — or even running) are: The Rookie, McFarland USA, Secretariat.

    That’s too bad that Sherry didn’t get in but you’ll still have lots of company.

    My Garmin automatically syncs to a variety of sites, actually, which I set up for a one reason or another over the years — including Strava, which I no longer use but it’s still syncing away. The one I actually use is Garminconnect. And I used Finalsurge as well because that’s what Rachel @ Runningonhappy used.


  2. Spirit of the Marathon is excellent, and also watch Run For Your Life – it’s the story of the NYCM, I bet you will love it!

    I got into wearing a Garmin for every run back in 2010 so that’s how I keep track of my miles; I upload to Garmin Connect.

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  3. Glad you decided to enter a marathon. It will be an unforgettable experience.
    I wear a Garmin and it downloads all the data on Garmin Connect but I prefer Running Ahead.
    About my awards: I have lost most of them when I changed house.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s too bad about your awards.

      I think it will an unforgettable experience and hopefully in a good way. That’s why I only want to do ONE and NYC is the one in my opinion.


  4. Good luck on your upcoming half. Let me be the voice of experience – get your injury checked out! And if it doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better, try a new approach. I learned the hard way!

    I have never heard about the senior running blog thing. Congrats for your award!!!


  5. Congrats on making that list! ❤ I don't run too much so I don't use Daily Mile, but I'm kinda on the hunt for a good app for tracking lifting workouts! That's great that you made it into the NYC marathon! I hope you have an awesome time!

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  6. Strava seems to be pretty popular. I used to use Daily Mile but I am not good at logging anything. I do wear my Garmin and rely on that to keep track of me. 😉 Wow, NYC has a 10:1 lottery ratio? Yikes!

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  7. I use Strava. I don’t love it, but it does what it needs to. Runkeeper is better IMO but not as much of a community, which I don’t much care about
    Yay on the AG arrival. I’d forgotten you earned that
    You’re a wonderfully evil book temptress. I’ll take a photo of mine at the weekend & text you in case you’d like any when I see you next week. YAY!

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  8. Congrats on that blog recognition! Altho I’m not sure how I’d feel about the “senior” designation. Even if I am a senior…lol

    When I was preparing for my first marathon, I read a lot of blogs. But the second time around, I had a coach. I highly recommend getting a marathon plan from a coach–that way you don’t have to worry about the training. And you will need a plan–it’s a totally different animal than a half. Marcia would be perfect.

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  9. I hope the half goes well and you are able to run without a lot of discomfort! I have a medal hanger where I keep mine on display 🙂

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  10. Ha! I would be very excited over an AG award! I think I need to wait another 20 years before that starts happening for me! Ron once got an AG award though! We did a 10K trail race (me! On a trail!!) and he got 2nd without even trying. In fact we almost left and my friend said to me “you should stay because Ron may have won something”. Sure enough!

    I’ve not heard of the top senior running blog list! But now that I’m 50 maybe I should check it out!

    I used to use DailyMile ages ago. I actually “met” one of my long time social media friends there, who I am still regularly in contact with. I love the donut icon as well ☺ I use Strava for pretty much everything so let me know if you join there!

    I have definitely run/walked Halfs when I wasn’t 100% in shape. I can imagine you are nervous, but I think you’ll be fine!

    I’m very excited for your first marathon! I usually watch films/ documentaries about running and that gets me pumped. I’m a terrible reader… I have great intentions but rarely finish a book. I’m going to finish Deena Kastor’s book during my recovery – I was already feeling more inspired when I started it a few weeks ago.

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  11. Congrats! I have never won an AG award, but I”m sure I’d display them somewhere in my office!

    I hope your injury isn’t too serious – please be careful!! I’ve run races while on the verge of injury and it’s scary!

    I got that email about Daily Mile…I actually haven’t used it in years! I really like Strava, though I miss Nike+ since it had so many years of my data before I switched to a Garmin watch.

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