Friday Five 2.0 – 2017: The Year of Running with Friends

It’s Friday so I’m linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup! Join in! Don’t forget to link back to your hostesses and visit some other bloggers.

So today, I am going to start looking back on this past year.

I had several years that I could name The Year of Injuries and Recovery (2011, 2012, 2013). And a few that I could name The Year of the PR (2014, 2015). And then 2016 was The Year of the Half Marathon (I ran 6).

But this year, there were NO injuries. Hooray for that. There were a few PRs and 6 halfs but what made this year special were those runs/races shared with friends – both new and old.

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1. I ran the Polar Cap Run, Freihiofer Run for Women and the Race the Train with my former blogger friend, AJH, now running friend from VT. She loves to travel and race as much as I do. I am so jealous that she has retired. Hopefully that means more opportunities to run with me.

2. Strange circumstances put Sue and I together for the Shape Half Marathon. We had so much fun that we returned to NYC to run the France Run together. Hopefully we will run the Brooklyn Half or another race together in 2018.

3. Thanks to Judy, I got to participate a girls race-cation for the Wine Glass Half Marathon. This group of runners and I have continued our bonding at other races and weekly runs.

4. Some of last year’s PCB ladies decided to go to Vegas to run the Rock n Roll races. Others returned to PCB. Hopefully we can get the wHOle gang together next year.

5. And lastly, all the friends that I have met through running groups (Freihofer and Turkey Trot challenge, STEM, GOTR), races, social networking, etc. that have supported, motivated and inspired me. You guys rock! And thanks!

Looking forward to more of the same for 2018.

Happy Running! How about you… How would you describe your running in 2017?

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