Running Update: 8.21.17-8.27.17


Last Week:

  • Monday – Yes, I was tired after my busy weekend but I still ran and then went for a walk in the mall with my bff.

my legs were not happy with this one…slowest ever!!

  • Tuesday.  Had the day off from work to go to my friend’s funeral.  Took advantage of my free time to run with Judy in the morning.  She wanted to run 6 miles and I didn’t think I could handle that many after the previous day’s sucky run.  So we planned to meet after her 2 mile warm-up and run 4 together.  Unfortunately we mixed up the meeting location and only ran 1 1/2 miles together.  But it was the best I’ve felt in a long time. You know, one of the rare runs that you feel you could run forever.  I think it was that it was the morning and I was trying to run slower than normal.  Who knows???

After the funeral and dinner at the family’s house, I played tennis. I was pretty rusty since I hadn’t played in a weeks but it was fun to see my “happy” friends and of course, we went out to dinner after.

Everyone got a rock to place somewhere in Carol’s memory. I think I will leave it at UAlbany while I’m running there. It’s where we met and studied.

  • Wednesday – After work, I dragged myself for a run at The Crossings (because I worked today nearby.)

yes, it ended at the ice cream stand.

  • Thursday – After a long work day, I took a rest day (on a cool perfect running weather day) and instead went out to dinner with my tennis friends. One of the ladies arranged for a Hula lesson beforehand.  So much fun.

in a park along the Hudson River

  • Friday – Another rest day. Just because…… I did play mah jongg in the evening
  • Saturday – I did my long run today. I thought I’d have company but ended up solo with my podcasts as a companion. The weather was perfect as was my post race snack.

On the Zim Smith Trail

After errands, I watched my hubby play tennis. Unfortunately, our dinner get-together with some running friends got cancelled so I actually stayed home!!

  • Sunday – I watched my hubby play tennis again and then we went up to the lake to relax.

views from my walk in town

my view for the rest of the day

We ended the day with dinner at a restaurant on the lake (with a stop for ice cream on the way home 🙂 )

20 miles done.

This Week:

  • Monday – 4 mile run in Rochester (there for work)
  • Tuesday – 3 mile run in Rochester
  • Wednesday – 2 mile run before leaving Rochester 
  • Thursday rest, hair appt
  • Friday – rest, mah jongg chez moi
  • Saturday – long run
  • Sunday – rest, boating, Xmas party in Log Bay (on Lake George)

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This week’s Guest Host is Teresa @ Finding Fabulous at Fifty.

Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? Please share.


7 thoughts on “Running Update: 8.21.17-8.27.17

  1. So what I’m hearing is that I could’ve just come to NY for a hula lesson and skipped that brutal 8 hour flight!!!! 🙂

    I just love your little group of friends ….always up to something fun! Your zest for life is quite contagious Darlene!


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