Ultimate Coffee Date – March

Confessions of a Mother Runner

Since today is the first Saturday in March, I am joining up with Coco & Deborah for their ultimate coffee date.

Over coffee or tea…

I’d tell you that I am currently in Florida visiting several friends. This is the third year that I have traveled to the East coast to visit them.  I always have a good time but the weather is unpredictable.  You never know if it will be hot or cold and if it will rain.  This year, it may be warm and humid.  Beach weather? Hope so!!

Over coffee and tea…

I’d tell you that the real reason for the visit is to stay motivated to run during the NE winter by signing up for a Florida half marathon.  The training for my previous winter half marathons went well but that didn’t mean that the race did. This year, I didn’t get my last two long runs in due to illness so who knows what will happen.  Hopefully I will finish.

Over coffee and tea…

I’d tell you that cold or not, I always wear a tank top and skirt for my half marathons. I am crazy like that!

Over coffee and tea…

I’d tell you that I have short races scheduled for every weekend but I am training for half marathons on April 30, May 21 and October 1.  I am thinking of switching my long run day to Wednesday or Thursday.  That way I can enjoy my races and my weekends more. Don’t know how that will work out with work but it’s a thought.

Over coffee and tea…

I’d tell you that I signed up for the Freihofer Training Challenge again – the advanced group.  The race is a 5k  on June 3. Of course that doesn’t fit in with my training for my next two half marathons. But I like the runners and the drills on Mondays.

Image result for freihofer's training challenge

This year, with new leadership, VENT Fitness is offering anyone who signs up for the Training Challenge and finishes the 5K on June 3, 2017 a 3 month membership for FREE.

I registered early and got a FREE membership from March 20-June 3.  So now I have a SIX MONTH gym membership.

Anyone taking bets on whether or not I will go to a gym?

Over coffee and tea…

I’d tell you that I need want to run one more half marathon in the late fall. So many choices… Still hoping for a #holottafun girls weekend again.


miss you girls

Happy Running! Do you ever do your long run during the week?  Do you belong to a running club/group? How about a gym membership…have one? Got anything else to spill? 


5 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date – March

  1. Occasionally I do a long run during the week, but obviously it’s easier for me. Although with Bandit, it’s still not easy.

    I’ve belonged to gyms in the past — and I enjoy it — but for now, I’m happy working out at home.

    Would you believe there’s a little snow on the ground again? Probably not in Delmar.


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