TOLT: Flexibility, Lady Gaga, Work, Giveaway, etc.

Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

Here’s what I’m thinking about today:

  • Are you flexible?

I’d like to think that I am.  But if you are too flexible, do people take advantage of you?

The latest is that a running friend asked me to run a half marathon with her.  She didn’t want to run it alone.  It wasn’t one that I wanted to run (TWO loops around Central Park) and the timing wasn’t great (right before I leave for a Florida tennis vacay). But I said that I would if she could find an affordable hotel so we could split the cost.

She found a hotel and I registered for the race (non-refundable.)

The race is in NYC so there’s still meals, transport, etc. but I started looking forward to running it with her.

Now she sprung it on me that she cannot go.  Her son wants to go a show that day.  I total get it.  Family is much more important than running.

So am I stuck running and spending a weekend in NYC alone and spending $250 on a hotel room???

Initially I freaked.

Sometimes things work out.  Remember my crazy NYC weekend with the Russian girls.

I FB messaged someone whom I met at a local race who had mentioned that she and a friend (whom I don’t know) were running this same race.

I asked her if she knew anyone who needed a roommate.  She said no but I was welcome to be a third person in her room.

Guess who’s sharing a bed with a runner that she’s never met?  That would be flexible Darlene.

Image result for more half marathon

April 30, 2017

  • Ok. Who didn’t love Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance? I’ve always been a fan so I was in heaven.

Image result for lady gaga super bowl

But now people are talking about her pot belly!


I should be so lucky to have my stomach look that good.  Just sayin.’

  • Working is tiring!!!

At the end of the day, my brain feel like I’ve run a marathon.  But then at night, I can’t sleep. (Age, hormones, stress???)

I am pooped.  I was too tired to run on Tuesday and too sick to run on Wednesday. (It could have been standing all day or lifting 80 lb laptop cases in and out or maybe the headache, sore throat and cold that invaded my body.)

Missing runs is not like me.

  • Have you entered my giveaway yet?


I am giving away TWO free entries to run the Utah Valley Half Marathon (or any of the race distances -marathon, half marathon, or 10k) on June 10, 2017. Click here for your chance to win or you can use the code dc15 to get a 15% discount.

Happy Running! Do you get taken advantage of?  What did you think about Lady Gaga?  Did you enter my giveaway?  Does work or sickness interfere with your running?  Spill.  What’s on your mind today?



12 thoughts on “TOLT: Flexibility, Lady Gaga, Work, Giveaway, etc.

  1. I think like most people — you’re flexible in some ways, not so much in others (totally goes for me, too). Hopefully your friend doesn’t read the blog.

    Didn’t see Gaga — although I love her — too late for me. But pot belly? Please.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    I ran yesterday, even though I really didn’t want to — just look outside the window & you’ll know why. I have a feeling Friday I’ll have to be on my treadmill because of circumstances. I was really hoping not to be on the treadmill this week, even to the point of running in freezing rain.


      • Hope you feel better. Lots of fluids (chicken soup doesn’t hurt if you have it either).

        And even if you’re feeling better, one missed run will not hurt you, but the weather will be sucky so you’re probably better off not doing it!


      • Lady ga ga looks great – and normal! People need to get a life!
        Sharing a room with a stranger? If it’s a friend of a friend then it’s OK isn’t it? Strange but true!!
        I hope that you are feeling better soon🤗🤗


  2. I’m flexible, but not share a bed with a stranger – even a runner – flexible. Good on ya for making that race/weekend work for you!

    I loved Lady Gaga’s show – she is awesome. And I was so thrilled to see a real body on display! I was thinking, when I saw her, how cool it was that my 14-year-old niece was also seeing this example of a fit, healthy woman, instead of the uber-skinny models or the plastic surgery-enhanced Kardashians. She’s a fit, healthy person, and I’d love to have her belly.

    Sorry to hear you’re sick – I hope you can rest up and feel better quickly.

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    • We’ll see how the weekend goes…

      Still sick and stayed home from work. We got our first BIG snowstorm too. So I guess I’m on a running break.


  3. Gosh, Darlene, I would have been mad about the situation! But I’m glad there was a solution in the end. I think I’m less and less flexible as time goes on because I HAVE been taken advantage of (I once flew to London to meet a friend and she told me at the last minute pretty much she couldn’t go… not that I can’t do things on my own but it was then my first time totally alone and I hadn’t really planned for a solo trip). I hope you have a good time anyway! Let’s see… what else? Lady Gaga? Nope, we didn’t have that here in the Netherlands 🙂 but I like her a lot! and frankly, I didn’t see the pot belly. It’s ridiculous that we are still body shaming people in 2017!!! Giveaway, no I didn’t… but don’t think I could make it even if I did win ! ha! Work / sickness get the way of running… yes and no. Not so much anymore. I have to admit I have a pretty easy going job. I rarely work overtime and I have every Friday off. So pretty relaxed. What gets in the way of my running are injuries. So I’m working on fixing that!!


      • well, I do only get paid for 4 days a week… remember I live in Europe and it’s a different culture here. it’s totally normal to work “part time”. Employers understand that people need a good work-life balance to be productive. I won’t tell you how many vacation days I have either… in any case it’s ridiculous (from an American perspective) and I take every single one of those days…


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