Runfessions – January

It’s that time again (or a day late.) Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

I runfess…

My running routes are influenced by my post race food options  Aren’t yours?

I ran here:


I am very sad that I won’t be able to run here until spring

because of this:


Leah’s Cakery

I ran here:


because of this:


Cider Belly Donuts

I need all the motivation I can get.  But do I really burn off all those calories?

I runfess…

I participated in a march last Saturday.  It was for what I believe in.  But why did it happen on such as perfect running weather day?


50 degrees and blue skies (the weather was awful the next day (when I did run)

As I walked, I kept thinking that it was a similar route (reverse direction) as for the Freihofer’s Run.


I runfess…

I really wanted to participate in Kim’s plank challenge.  But I only did it once and for 1 minute.

img_3842Sorry. I am such a slacker when it comes to working out.

I runfess…

I schedule my blog posts.  That means that sometimes they are not accurate or current.  Like “loving that we’ve had good weather for running.”  By the time I posted that, we had two days of ice and snow.  Blogger fail.

This may be why many bloggers take a respite from blogging.  It takes up so much time!!

I’m not even talking about inspiring, creative posts. Just posting running updates and race reviews…

Maybe I need to join the blogging vacationers and just post on Instagram??  But who can get out more than a hashtag using your phone keyboard??

Happy Running! Anything to Runfess?





16 thoughts on “Runfessions – January

  1. I do often schedule posts. And while food motivates me, it’s not how I schedule my runs. It’s nice if there’s an option, but I am not as obsessed with Leahs as you seem to be! Maybe because I make my own treats most of the time?

    But I will absolutely schedule runs around the weather when I can!


  2. Well, you know where we always end up after our local Saturday long runs, but when we travel to a race? Believe me, we are planning ahead on where we’re going to eat before and after thr race!

    I schedule most of my posts; I rarely have an event/weather change that happens that would make me need to go in and update the post before it run, luckily. I do understand what you mean about blogger burn out – I post three times a week and sometimes it feels like I’m spending too much time writing and can feel resentful toward my blog, which is silly considering it’s a voluntary thing that I like to do most of the time. But man, when it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m trying to get something written for Monday morning, and I’d rather be knitting? I will admit to having thoughts of killing the blog.


  3. I runfess for the longest time I was an epic fail at scheduling posts. Because I didn’t know to hit publish. Doh. Kim, Wendy and I happily ran during the women’s march here. Oops. .


  4. Oh I love to plan a good run around great snacks! I did have a runners group that used to meet at the wine bar on Wednesday- I was in heaven 🙂


  5. I’m more likely to plan a run to end at Starbucks …. I have to write most of my posts on the weekends. Even if I have time on a weeknight I find I’m too tired to find joy in it. … I’m trying to like IG. I think I need to save hashtag lists somewhere to copy-paste in, but that takes out the spontaneity that supposedly makes it more attractive!


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