Winter Series #4 15k Race Report

This same race in 2015

Once again the Hudson Mohawk Runners Club sponsored a FREE race for its members and this weekend, they offered distances of 3M, 15K and 30K.

Since I have a half marathon in 7 weeks, I chose to run the 15K since 9 miles was on my “schedule.”

I have run several 15Ks (including 4 on this same course):

2016 – 1:33:13, 2015 – 1:34:29, 2014 – 1:34:55 & 1:42:40  (At least I’ve gotten faster.)

My 15 PR on a harder course is actually 1:31:25.

But I was continuing with my “relaxing” and go with the flow race plan – run and enjoy.  Besides, this race was just part of my training for my March 5 Half Marathon.

These Winter Series races start at 10 am so you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn. I always leave early to get parking since these races are often crowded and there may be other events going on at UAlbany at the same time.

I was surprised when I got there that the parking lot was empty. The weather was perfect for racing. Sunny for the first time in over a week, 30 degrees or so and a little breezy.

What I love about this local race is that you get to see a lot of people that you know.


last year meeting up with Judy & Barbara

And I immediately bumped into many different running friends.

My two age group competitors were there. Oh well.

Anyway I hung indoors until the last minute and then made out way outside.


basically a few loops around parking lots

This week I made sure that my Garmin was charged and got a signal.

All three distances started at the same location this week. As usual, I started pretty close to the front and let the speedy runners pass me by.

For most of the race, I felt overdressed. I unzipped my jacket and took off my gloves but my turtle neck was a mistake. (Of course, the wind picked up toward the end and I was happy to have worn the jacket.)

As in all my recent races, I tried to relax and run at an even pace. But as usual, my first mile was the fastest and I fizzled with each mile after.

I walked through the first water stop around mile 3.5 and took a Gu as well as the second water stop. I ran most of the rest of the race.

This was due to fact that Alyssa caught up to me around mile 5.5. We chatted the whole time. I’ve never run a race with someone before.

Did it slow me down? Probably. Alyssa is a faster runner for the early miles. In long races such as a half marathon I’ve finished 20 minutes faster.

Nevertheless it made the miles go by faster. I didn’t walk where I normally would. I just ran at an easier pace. But it certainly was a lot more fun having company.

Eventually as we neared the finish line, I took off and finished at 1:34:00 (25 seconds ahead of Alyssa.)

A happy runner

Alyssa left to run a few more miles and I waited around for Judy to finish.

After Judy finished, we went inside had some refreshments. There was vegetable chili, bread fruit and hot cocoa.  Free good food. Win-win.


The awards were for 10 year age groups and just top 2.

I finished 128 out 174.

After the awards, I changed my clothes and Judy, Alyssa and I headed to the mall.


The Athleta store was holding a clothing drive for participants in the STEM program. It motivated me to clean out my closets and get rid of any running clothes that I no longer wear.

I was very happy with how I ran this 15k race as a training run – I pushed myself just enough but not too much. It wasn’t a PR 15K and not even a course PR (1 minute slower than last year.)

Race splits:

mile 1 – 9:09
mile 2 – 9:34
mile 3 – 9:42
mile 4 – 10:13 (water & Gu)
mile 5 – 10:15
mile 6 – 10:32
mile 7 – 10:38 (water)
mile 8 – 10:34
mile 9 – 10:42
.3 – 8:39

Finish Time – 1:34:00

So obviously the second half of the race was much slower than the first.  It always is for me so I won’t blame Alyssa.  But it is hard to run your own pace when you are running with another runner and you are talking.  However, it made the race more enjoyable and “relaxing.!!”

Next weekend, I signed up for a 4 mile race in Lake George. It should be fun. Fingers crossed for no ice or snow.


AJH (from VT) & I at this race in 2015. We try to do this one together every year.

I am sharing in the support love by linking up with a Sunday Fitness and Food Linkup hosted by

Ilka from Ilka’s Blog and Angela from Marathons & Motivation

Happy Running! How you are enduring the winter? Did you run this weekend?


8 thoughts on “Winter Series #4 15k Race Report

  1. Hi Darlene- the other day I read a quote which very much reminded me of your race “knowing you gave it your all is winning”. Even when we don’t PR, knowing we gave it all our effort is a great race. Your finish time of 1:34 is absolutely wonderful and how great that you got to run with Judy!!! Running friendships are special! Enjoy your Half-Marathon Training!


  2. I’m glad you had a good race – it’s definitely different when you run with someone, but as long as you let go of a particular finish time/pace, it can be fun and makes for a different experience.

    BTW, whenever you write about your age group competitors, I always picture you silently saying “NEWMAN!!” when you see them – this of course is only funny if you are a Seinfeld fan…


    • Newman. I know what you mean. Ha Ha.

      I was thinking of you since you always get to run with friends. it made the last few miles less painful.

      I knew I wasn’t running as fast as I could but I didn’t care.


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