Friday 2.0 – Slower Running Partners

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This week, the theme is FREE so I chose How to Run With a Slower Partner

It’s no secret that Judy, a frequent running partner, is slower than me.  She runs about 2 minutes per mile slower.  I don’t think she will be upset that I say this because she mentions it all the time.

after one of our summer runs together

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t run with her. I do and here’s what I recommend:

1. Run Slower

and it is easy to run slower when there’s snow on the ground…

It seems like a no-brainer. If you run with someone who runs slower, you have to run slower. Just consider it an easy run or a recovery run.

2. Split up the Run

I ran 2 more miles after our recent run together.

You can start earlier and get some faster miles done. Or you add some speedy ones afterwards.

3. Enjoy the scenery

Running with a slower runners is relaxing. You can walk and take photos and then sprint to catch up.

4. Make it the Exception not the Rule

If you run with a slower runner all the time, you will probably get slower yourself. So do your own thing most of the time. Do your strides, intervals or whatever you need to do improve your speed when you run by yourself.

5. Add a run with someone faster

Running with someone faster is always a challenge. But running with a faster runner helps you get faster.

So don’t give up your slower running friends.  After all, they are your FRIENDS!

Happy Running! Do you ever run with a slower runner? 


32 thoughts on “Friday 2.0 – Slower Running Partners

  1. Well, the odd thing is that Denise is a faster runner but she tends to run slower on her long runs.

    I know there are definitely slower runners than me, but I seem to hook up with the speedy people. However, if you keep waiting for me to get up to your speed . . . you’ve got a long wait.

    And I agree, it’s not a good idea for you to run with me all the time (and visa versa, actually). No, I don’t mind that you posted this.


      • All evidence to the contrary. 🙂 I’ve done it in the past, but not likely to happen anytime soon. I have to go down to Millbrook Tuesday to take my parents to the dr in Poughkeepsie . . . it’s going to be a really long day & will no doubt throw most of my week off. But it is what it is.


        • Soon I will be whining about driving to Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo two days in a row each week. Just throw my training out the window, I guess.

          As you said, it is what it is. My training may be delegated to weekends only.

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              • You’ll figure it out. I’ve had times I’ve come back from my parents (not in winter, obviously) and just headed right out running because I really, really needed a run.

                The Crossings is almost totally clear, btw (except for that little bridge).


                • My trainings don’t end until 5 pm. I have to drive back, unload equipment, return a rental car. There’ll be no running after all that. The closest training is Syracuse too.

                  Whatever happens happens. I’m not going to stress out about it. Running isn’t my life. My family and friends are more important to fit in.

                  Yesterday I wanted to run because I was going to be busy today. But it was my friend’s birthday. So I didn’t run.

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  2. All very good points. I’ve been on both sides….I’ve been the slower runner and I’ve run more slowly with a friend. Once you get over it, or over yourself (when I feel like I’m slowing someone down! lol!) it’s all good. It’s good to settle in a bit at times and I push myself a bit even when I’m the slower of the two runners. And then I can always do “my thing” when I’m on my own.


  3. I’ve been the faster runner, and the slower runner, and it’s different and good both ways. Unfortunately, I ended up running too much with slower runners for a long period of time and I think that is why I ended up with a much slower pace than I used to have. I keep thinking I need to have at least one run per week where I push it a bit, just to get the cardio going a little more, if nothing else! But I agree with you, when you run with slower people, you need to go at their pace. It’s also what makes running with a buddy fun – the experience together, regardless as to the finish time.


  4. Lately I AM the slower runner. As my athletes will attest, it’s good for everyone to run at a variety of paces so running with different partners helps achieves this. And it’s fun.


  5. I’m typically always the slower runner and I will admit, it is hard being slower. You always feel like you are “holding someone back” and I hate that feeling. It is also frustrating always “bringing up the rear” so to speak but as you pointed out, it does help you get faster. All great points Darlene …and let’s face it, speed work is really best done alone anyway and long slow runs are much more fun with friends! 🙂


  6. As you may know my sister is much faster than me so I do feel bad when we run races together but you bring up a good point. The first year she ran the disney marathon she didn’t remember any of the course because she just sped through while it was still dark. The next year she ran it with me and saw all sorts of things! It was so much more fun!


  7. I should send this to my boyfriend, as he is the one dealing with a slower runner, ie ME! Lately I’ve enjoyed starting with him but letting him go ahead a few miles in. That way we can both be at the pace we prefer, then we meet up at the end.


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